When you were nine years old, what were you doing? You’ll most likely respond by saying that you were too occupied with your toys and video games, or that you were watching entertaining videos online, or that you were out exploring the neighborhood.

After all, there aren’t that many young people who can claim that Vera Wang, one of the most well-known and prosperous fashion designers in the world, gave them a sewing machine and encouraged them to make their own clothes with it.

Kaia Aragon is a 9-year-old girl from Colorado who’s been making waves in the fashion world and going viral on TikTok. Over 1.2 million people saw her mother Tonya’s first fashion design that she shared on TikTok when she placed it there.

However, this wasn’t something that occurred out of the blue one day. Since Kaia was five years old, her mother has been teaching her how to sew.

On the year 2020, Tonya presented Kaia with her very first sewing machine and instructed her in its use. However, Tonya was only able to teach Kaia the fundamentals of sewing small quilts and blankets, and she was unable to pass on any more information.

The first thing that Kaia created was a bed for her kitty, followed by a wallet, and then she moved on to sewing outfits for herself. Her orange fox designs on a black T-shirt dress were a show-stopping look that left everyone in wonder. They claim that what happened after that is now part of history.

This was the point in time when Kaia began to take her abilities in fashion design more seriously. When Kaia’s mother shared a picture of her daughter wearing a pink and black dress on TikTok in January of 2018, the outfit earned over 14.3 million views. At the moment, Kaia’s wardrobe is bursting at the seams with all of the unique designs that she has created.

Kaia doesn’t have any trouble coming up with ideas, in addition to having an eye for fashion and the skill to go with with it, even if she’s still relatively young.

Her creativity was inspired by everything. A garment that she once made that was inspired by Encanto and was brightly colored but had no sleeves and received more than one million views on TikTok.

Even Nick Verreos, a judge on “Project Runway,” issued a challenge to Kaia, asking her to design an outfit based on figure skating. She sewed a dress for her that had a pink bodice and a glittery skirt that turned out to be very stunning on her.

The majority of designers begin their process with a drawing. On the other hand, Kaia typically begins by selecting a fabric before doing anything else.

She like working with flexible and supple materials of any kind. Even if the material is stunning to look at but unpleasant to wear, Kaia will choose the one that is most comfortable.

And the young fashion designer claims that she has always had a thing for wearing one-of-a-kind clothing. Once she puts an item of clothing on, even if it first does not seem that the pieces would work well together, she always finds that it is absolutely perfect.

Vera Wang, who is known for her work in the fashion industry, took notice of Kaia since her designs became more daring and imaginative each time.

The well-known designer congratulated her and wished her the best of luck in her pursuit of her ambition of becoming a fashion designer by sending her a sewing machine and a backpack along with a handwritten message in February of last year.

Before she was given the present, Kaia stated that she had no prior knowledge of Vera Wang. However, she is now fixated by the designer, and she has the handwritten message framed and displayed on the wall of her bedroom in order to serve as a source of motivation for her.

Tonya watches lessons on YouTube that she believes will assist Kaia in becoming more skilled at her trade so that she may help Kaia learn new methods and abilities to improve her profession. And despite the fact that she has experienced both success and celebrity in the past, Kaia continues to have a grounded perspective on life.

Does Kaia have great ambitions for the future? Definitely! Zendaya is one of Kaia’s favorite celebrities, and one of her goals in life is to one day create a look for her.

In addition to this, she has the ambition of studying design at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising and co-founding a successful fashion company with her closest friend.

For the time being, the young fashion designer is keeping herself occupied with a variety of projects. One of these projects involves fashioning a skirt out of a wedding dress from 1983 that was provided to her by one of her fans on the platform TikTok.

Additionally, she created something for her siblings, as well as something for her friends and the community Renaissance festival. This young talent has a lot of potential and a very promising future.

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