Dog trainer Stacie King has epilepsy as well as a condition known as reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome, which causes her to be in continual agony. Stacie also struggles with anxiety and depression.

Because King is experienced in the art of dog training, she reasoned that it would be prudent for her to get a dog that she could eventually teach to act as a service dog for her. Therefore, she and her wife went to a local animal shelter and rescued a little dog they called Zeke.

The dog must be able to follow two different orders in order for it to become a service dog. Not only is Zeke familiar with those two orders, but he is also familiar with about 60 more.

While King spared Zeke from shelter life, Zeke returned her countless times. King claims that Zeke has already prevented numerous potential tragedies involving her.

During the month of April, King had a seizure, and Zeke was there to call a neighbor so that he could receive assistance. Two months later, King had another seizure as she was messaging a neighbor. This time, the seizure was more severe. After waiting for some time without receiving an answer, the neighbor went to King’s residence and stepped inside to see how the latter was doing.

The neighbor saw Zeke in the restroom, where he was using his body to push King up and open her airway in order to prevent King from suffocating.

The neighbor acted quickly and dialed 911, which sent paramedics to take her to the emergency room. King would not have been able to make it through the ordeal had it not been for the neighbor as well as Zeke.

King has high hopes that telling her story would serve as a reminder to others that dogs from shelters are just as capable of becoming service dogs as dogs for which people wait a long time and spend thousands of dollars.

Watch the video that follows to find out more about their amazing journey:

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