The older child can be seen on photo attempting to pin the snake’s head to the ground with what appears to be a metal table leg while the two younger children throw huge leaves at the snake in an effort to get it to let go of their dog.

The photo also shows the younger children throwing leaves at the snake.

While its human companions are engaged in combat with the reptile, the canine seems to be much more puzzled than frightened.

While his two buddies make what seems to be an initial attempt of some difficulty to unwind the snake, the older child makes use of the pole to push the snake’s head into the ground.

After some time, the snake’s grip on the dog becomes too weak for it to break free, at which point the dog seizes the snake by both ends and pulls in a number of different ways.

It seemed as if the assault had no effect on the dog.

The older child then holds the writhing snake by its head with great pride while remaining completely quiet.

By Elen

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