People who have a strong connection to animals and care for them often see their pets as part of the family. That point was driven home by Krish, a man from Karnataka in India, who illustrated it by planning a fantastic birthday party for his cherished pet dog.

According to India Today, the guy, who goes by the name Shivappa Yellappa Maradi, had an extravagant birthday party for his beloved dog and even ordered a cake that weighed a hundred kilograms to commemorate the event.

According to what has been heard, there were at least four thousand persons invited to the massive party.

The celebratory act of the dog cutting the cake was caught on camera, and the video of it has since gained traction on various social media platforms.

One of the commenters voiced their worry for the dog and wrote, “I like the gesture, but he should also understand that dogs are not supposed to devour cake which is edible by humans.”

Someone another said, “It’s such an idiotic thing to do…

If he were a dog person, he would have been feeding the strays on the street today.”

According to a third Instagram user, the finest video of the day can be summed up in two words: “really sweet.”

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