Ben Affleck was always considered by Jennifer Lopez’s mother as her daughter’s one true love, and the pair secretly married for the first time in Las Vegas. Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have two children together. After Lopez shocked the groom with a unique present at one of their weddings, the newlyweds were unable to keep their hands and kisses off of one other and couldn’t contain their excitement.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez married for a second time in August 2022, this time at his Georgia mansion in the presence of their respective families and close friends, after their first, more intimate ceremony. At her second wedding, which took place at the $8.9 million mansion, the actress stunned in a white Ralph Lauren couture gown, and Affleck complemented her look by donning a black and white tuxedo.

Jennifer Garner’s daughters Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel, as well as Affleck’s own children from a previous relationship, were in attendance during the couple’s second wedding, which also featured the couple’s children from previous partnerships.

Emme and Max Anthony, who are Lopez’s children from her relationship with Marc Anthony, were also there. Affleck’s friend Matt Damon and his wife Luciana Barroso were among the celebrities who were invited to the celebrations. Other notable figures also attended.

Additionally present at the celebration were Jason Mewes, Kevin Smith, and Kevin Smith’s wife, Jennifer Schwalbach Smith. It was anticipated that Renee Zellweger, Jane Fonda, George Clooney, and Jimmy Kimmel would all be present for the festivities.

An airstrip close to the location of their wedding served as the setting for the arrival of the “Good Will Hunting” actor and his new wife, who flew in in a private aircraft. During the festivities, Lopez took Affleck by surprise by performing a brand new song for him that had not yet been published.

She entertained him by singing and dancing as he sat in a chair a little distance away from her. While she was performing her song, Lopez sang about how she was still in love, how she had desire, and how she just couldn’t get enough of it while she was wearing her wedding dress.

The actress was so well prepared for her performance that she even had backup dancers and singers helping her out. Following their second wedding ceremony, the pair had something really special up their sleeve for their newlywed guests.

Even though Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez had a small, private ceremony for their first wedding, they still went on a honeymoon, and then they had to go on another honeymoon after that! This time, they went to Italy for their vacation!


In the days after their second wedding, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were photographed out and about in Milan. The pair couldn’t get enough of one other, as seen by the abundance of public demonstrations of love that occurred between them (PDAs).

They were escorted by security as they traveled across Italy’s popular destinations. The couple was outside of a Cartier window shop when they saw something that prompted them to kiss passionately. This created an embarrassing situation for one of their bodyguards, who was just two feet away from the intense kissing.

The poor security guard had a difficult time looking away from the activity that was taking on in front of him as he stood on the sidewalk, but he had to keep watch since his job required it. Lopez was wearing an all-white outfit with brown accessories, including a sun hat, sandals, and a purse that matched.

The musician’s wife had on white shoes and a white T-shirt, while her husband donned blue pants and a blue shirt to go along with her look. During their honeymoon, Jennifer Lopez and her newlywed hubby were seen enjoying a meal together at Lake Cuomo on a Saturday afternoon.

During their intimate breakfast together, the “Batman” actor was seen feeding his wife with a spoon while they were sitting outdoors. This time around, Ben Affleck donned a shirt with blue and white stripes and cream-colored slacks, while Jennifer Lopez looked to be wearing a brown maxi dress with embroidered brown flowers.

The actress from “Hustlers” showed her husband some love when she wiped Affleck’s lips with a handkerchief in response to a gesture he had made toward her. Love was in the air for the couple. The pair also kissed and stroked one other’s hands as they were eating.

Following their passionate kiss, the couple proceeded on a shopping trip, during which they were observed walking hand in hand while doing their shopping. When Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony went on their first honeymoon together, it was in Paris, and it also happened to coincide with Lopez’s 53rd birthday!

At the time, Affleck and the diva had a romantic meal together at La Girafe, which is located in front of the Eiffel Tower. During that time, TMZ obtained photographs of the couple, and one of them depicted the couple enjoying a sweet moment with one another.

It seemed as if Affleck felt upset and started crying, which prompted his wife to embrace him and cradle his face. The pair were soon back in prime physical form as they had a walk around the neighborhood, with the actor displaying a smile once again.

After having to postpone their first wedding by 20 years due to unforeseen circumstances, the couple decided to have a second wedding ceremony to demonstrate how deeply they love one another. On the other hand, there was something they weren’t quite ready to disclose.


A source close to Hollywood Life claims that Jennifer Lopez and her husband never intended for the two of them to conceive a family together. An insider told the reporter that the pair believed they had moved beyond that phase of their life, and an informant added:

Ben’s conviction that all of this is predetermined is strengthened by J-close Lo’s relationship with his offspring.

The insider said that Affleck and Lopez were more interested in having a mixed family, and that the previous partner of Affleck, Jennifer Garner, thought it was “wonderful.” Reportedly, the celebrity’s ex-wife had no problem with their children spending time with Affleck and his new wife while they were dating.

Garner enjoyed having time to herself, something that did not happen very often while the trio was gone. An source for the newspaper remarked how amazing Lopez’s relationship was with her husband’s youngest kid, Samuel, and how they did everything together.

Reports said that Samuel has the same personality as his father. The insider also said that while Lopez loved all of Affleck’s children as if they were her own, she never undermined Garner’s position as their biological mother.

The newlyweds had a great deal of luck, as shown by the fact that they were given “very wonderful” children as a gift. An source said that Lopez and Affleck had successfully brought up their children to be responsible individuals, and that the fact that they had a total of five children between them was more than sufficient.

Before being married in April 2022, the pair got to know one other better in Burbank, California, while doing a lot of shopping for rental equipment. It seemed as if the two were getting ready to throw a large party since they made their purchase at a shop that is well-known for renting camera stabilizers and drones.

According to insiders who spoke with TMZ at the beginning of August 2022, Lopez and Affleck were not planning to purchase a new house together; rather, they were going to move into the singer’s home. Since 2016, the musician known for the song “Love Don’t Cost a Thing” has owned the mansion.

However, in the interim, the two were residing at James Packer’s $60 million house while Jennifer Lopez’s home was undergoing renovations. The reconstruction was said to be so labor-intensive that it would take at least a year to complete.

Affleck has asked $30 million for the listing of his property in the Palisades. In April 2022, while they were still considering purchasing a new residence, the couple made an offer to buy a mansion in Bel-Air that was listed for $50 million; however, the deal fell through.

At one point, they went on a tour of Aaron Spelling’s mansion in Los Angeles, which is often commonly referred to as the “Spelling Manor.” Due to the fact that Spelling’s home was listed for $165 million, the couple would probably spend a significant amount of money on the renovation.

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