Dogs each have their own distinct personality, and it was immediately clear that Stanley had one of those qualities. However, this was a tiny bit different, and the peculiarities were somewhat concerning. After taking him in as their own, Mom and Dad couldn’t help but feel concerned about their new pet. The Golden Retriever was outgoing, affectionate, and in good physical condition; nonetheless, it was obvious that there was more to the narrative of this dog.

Parents were aware that Stanley has some unique characteristics when they adopted him from the Golden Retriever Rescue of Mid-Florida. When they went to pick him up from his foster home, they found him dozing off on the table.

In spite of Stanley’s peculiarities, though, they ended up falling in love with him and bringing him into their family. The dog had no trouble getting along with the children or the other pets straight immediately.

The parents, on the other hand, would start to worry about their new puppy. In the past, they had much success in training dogs, but Stanley was an entirely different animal. They were concerned that he would injure himself if he continued to climb onto countertops and tables.

The family took this matter seriously and looked even more closely at his pattern of conduct. They noticed that Stanley had an obsessive-compulsive ritual in which he would always collect a slipper, remote, and stuffed animal together on a daily basis.

They made the decision to put Stanley through a dog intelligence test after hearing about it from a friend, and he performed poorly on the tasks that required him to come out from beneath a blanket, answer to his name, and locate the reward that was hidden inside a cup.

The veterinarian concurred with the assessment and said that the difficulties the dog is having may be due to inbreeding as well as its own stubbornness.

There is no need for Stanley’s family to be concerned about the reasons behind Stanley’s behavior, even if it is possible that these reasons may never be disclosed. He’s in good mental and physical health, and there’s a lot of affection all around him!

His owner said, “He may be a touch sluggish, but we love him much more because of his amusing peculiarities, nice temperament, and strange little personality.”

You just can’t help but like the fact that Stanley is being given a chance at life despite all of his difficulties. Every dog deserves love and happiness!

By Elen

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