It’s almost like a reflex for soap operas to come up with plots that continue to develop and grow into their own thing over time. However, some of the narratives don’t have the chance to tie up all of the loose ends before they come to a close. Actress Ashley Jones, who is no stranger to the world of daytime television and is best known for her role as Dr. Bridget Forrester on “The Bold and the Beautiful,” was a member of one of “General Hospital’s” most contentious romantic partnerships.

There were a variety of emotions from viewers of the soap opera when it was first revealed that Kristina Corinthos-Davis (played by Lexi Ainsworth) and Parker Forsyth (played by Ashley Jones) were romantically involved. According to Soaps in Depth, there were some viewers who were unable to get past the fact that Kristina’s new love interest, Parker, was Kristina’s professor. Kristina’s fans were overjoyed that she was finally getting another love interest after spending so much time on the sidelines, and they praised the soap for being more progressive because she had previously only been paired with men.

Pristina shippers were intrigued about how things would proceed between them because of the affectionate moniker given to the pair, Pristina, which was given to them because of the unique beginning of their relationship, which was difficult to ignore. Despite our best efforts, it never materialized. Despite her mother Alexis’ (Nancy Lee Grahn) reluctance, Kristina relocated to another location in 2017 so that she could be with her partner. Soap Central speculated that the initial reason for Ainsworth’s departure was the fact that she had landed a role on TNT’s “Major Crimes” around the same time. After a number of years had passed, Kristina eventually came back, but Parker was nowhere to be found.

Twitter went into overdrive when Kristina returned to Port Charles without Parker, as many attempted to decipher what this meant for the character given the new information.

Pristina’s plot was never completed, as Ashley Jones revealed the actual reason why.

After some time had gone with no sign of Parker, fans went directly to the source and sought answers on the status of Ashley Jones’s character on the program from an official at ABC. In a response to a tweet that has since been deleted, Varni admitted that there were currently no plans in place for a new storyline to be implemented in Pristina and wrote, “We had hoped to continue the story for a longer period of time, but unfortunately one of the actresses booked a role in a more prominent show. We are pausing for the time being but plan to resume later.”

Ashley Jones has, at long last, clarified the situation around her departure from “General Hospital” five years after she left the show. Jones talked up about her experience on set during an interview that took place on September 20 with, and she praised Ainsworth for his work. She disclosed that they became close off-screen, which is likely the reason why their chemistry was so successful on-screen. Jones questioned if the plot was just ahead of its time when it came to Pristina being put on hold by “General Hospital.” It was a little bit salacious and a little bit unorthodox, but honestly, I think the beauty of what transpired is… it was just a true connection, she added. “It was a little bit salacious and a little bit unorthodox,” she said.

Jones also shared with the soap site that the relatable writing was a big part of what made viewers root for their characters. “When two individuals meet one other at particular stages of their lives and their lives change because of that — it is a landmark in their life, they’ll never forget, and I suppose the audience observed that,” she continued. “That’s a landmark in their life, they’ll never forget.”

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