An ancient proverb asserts that “kids these days say the darndest things.” Recent events have shown that the adage isn’t completely wrong, and Hilary Duff is the latest example. The actress from “How I Met Your Father” posted on Instagram a disturbing but hilarious text message that she received from one of the coaches at the soccer camp that her daughter Banks, who is three years old, attends.

On Monday, Hilary shared the hilarious story with those who adore her.

“Whoaaa! Take precautions around your kids. She took a screenshot of Banks’ soccer camp coach’s message and accompanied it with a comment she wrote. “Because my mother prepared bad chicken, she is sick with diarrhea right now… that’s what happens when you prepare bad chicken,” According to the information provided in the book, Banks related a story when they were at camp.

Hilary, on the other hand, gave the impression that she was completely undisturbed by the whole unpleasant episode.

Hilary’s reaction was to make light-hearted fun of her daughter rather than feel angry or embarrassed of the situation.

After learning that her kid had exposed to others what they were doing in the lavatory, she took a different method than the typical person would have taken in order to deal with the situation. On the slide that followed, which the person who submitted it did, the words “the rat” were superimposed over a happy photo of the person’s daughter.

There is a good chance that one of Hilary’s children has humiliated her in the past.

The former star of Lizzie McGuire now lives a happy life as a mother to three children. In addition to Banks, she and her husband, Matthew Koma, also have a daughter called Mae who is 1 years old. Mae is their second child. Luca, who is now ten years old, is the child whom she and her ex-husband, Mike Comrie, share custody of.

It is really hard for us to accept the possibility that Luca did not do anything remotely comparable when he was a youngster. It is not the fact that Luca has a history of humiliating his mother that causes this to be a worry; rather, it is the fact that kids genuinely do say the darndest things, particularly about their parents.

It’s possible that Hilary may rethink her decision to have additional children after reading this.

In February, she said to Romper that she is open to the possibility of having more children in their early years in the future. She said that she and her husband were already exhausted as a result of having children, and she continued, “I know it’s crazy.” On the other hand, I like having Matt around as a kid. Being a good parent has been my top priority throughout my whole life.

We are curious as to what more Banks may have said about her mother while she was away at camp.

They didn’t say whether or whether Banks divulged any other family secrets when she was with her soccer coaches, so we don’t know if she did. Having said that, we have a hunch that Hilary and Banks engaged in a long discussion about the issues that are suitable for casual talk and the material that need to be kept secret.

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