When we come across adorable pets who have been abandoned outside, it breaks our hearts. Even still, it gives us hope to know that there are angels out there who are eager to aid these unhappy animals in any manner they can, even if this isn’t always the easiest or most pleasant thing to do. In many cases, this knowledge makes us feel heartwarming.

A kind guy took in two stray dogs after they had been without homes for more than two years and cared for them. His vicious next-door neighbor divulged to him that he intended to acquire the dogs in order to rehome the pups. The kind guy did not want to give them up, but he saw that the unfortunate pups were living in a hazardous situation. As a result, he made the decision to get assistance from Hope for Paws.

When the group of rescue workers arrived at the location, the female dog was quite friendly as she welcomed them and eagerly accepted the goodies that were being offered. The male counterpart, on the other hand, exhibited some signs of reticence and nervousness. He did not actively oppose the people that came to his rescue, but he did keep his distance from them.

It was quite moving when the guy who had phoned them approached the dog in such a gentle manner to pat him while saying, “I promised you I was coming to assist you.” They will be of more assistance to you than I can. I am very sorry. And at that point, he started crying. Even though he felt terrible about it, the best thing he could do for the dogs was to release them into the wild. He was under the impression that he had “betrayed” them. “It’s such an awful feeling, as if I earned his confidence, and now I’m betraying it,” she said.

It was a little period of time before the people who came to the dogs’ aid were able to effectively calm them down and bring them back to the shelter. They chose the name George for the male, and Irene for the girl. Because George was still timid, Irene provided a lot of support for him because they were such a strong team. Unfortunately, George suffered from bone cancer; but, he was a candidate for surgery, which offered a chance of a cure. Although it was unfortunate that he would never regain use of one of his legs, the dog shown tremendous bravery throughout the ordeal. They were both in good physical shape and eager to make a clean slate in life.

The person who made the first appeal for assistance has a genuinely golden heart; he tried everything in his power to rescue the dogs and was ultimately successful in finding them a home where they would have a better life. He was under the impression that what he had done was wrong, yet he was really providing them with a second opportunity to live a life that is secure and full of love. He came to their rescue on more than one occasion. What a kind and thoughtful spirit. I really appreciate your help.

By Elen

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