The marriage between Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick has lasted for a considerable amount of time. They achieved great success in building a lovely family and have had a happy life together. When their children were older, though, they were confronted with a new dilemma. They found refuge in the peaceful environment of their own house.

Sedgwick and Bacon have been together for 35 years and have been blessed with two lovely children during their marriage. Travis and Sosie are their offspring, and both of them are now adults who live in houses of their own.

The fact that the happy couple now has an empty nest has not proven to be difficult for them.

The couple has said in the past that they have a wonderful marriage that has outlasted many others in Hollywood as a direct result of their unwavering support for one another. They do not see one another as competitors in any way.

When asked about his marriage to his current wife, Bacon said that the couple acknowledges and appreciates one other’s qualities and celebrates them. He revealed that they have complete faith in one another in all aspects of their life and endeavors.

Now that their children are adults and have moved out of the house, the couple must deal with the difficulties associated with being empty-nesters. When Sedgwick’s children moved out of the house they had shared together as a family, she was first overcome with grief.

She discussed her feelings towards her children starting their own households after she had devoted a significant portion of her life to caring for them. In her words:

“It is strange, and it is challenging. I’m thankful to have children who are now adults, although I suppose at first they probably looked at me like I was crazy when I started talking about them. I gave birth to you, and I’ve cared for you throughout your whole existence, and now you’re going to leave me!’ It didn’t seem right.”

However, it did not take long for the couple to figure out how to deal with the empty-nest syndrome that they were experiencing. They have made a home for themselves on the farm that they purchased in Connecticut, and when they are not engaged in one of their many projects, they go there to unwind.

Their Retreat Is Their Farm in Connecticut, Which Is Located In Connecticut.

In 1983, Bacon became the owner of the property. He claimed that it was a coincidence, but the farm had become something significant to the family ever since it was purchased. Bacon was successful in persuading Sedgwick that remaining in Connecticut was the best option for her. He explained:

“In 1983, I was living in the city when I decided to take a weekend trip to Connecticut. I immediately fell in love with the state, so I purchased a farm there, and it’s been a significant location for our family ever since.”

The outside of the house is white, and the roof is black tile; there are red lawn chairs outside where the couple may sit and take advantage of the warm sunlight. In 2018, Sedgwick shared a picture on her Instagram account that included both her and her mother seated on the seats.

In addition, the home includes a wonderful front porch that is clad in wooden slats and serves as a gathering place for the family. On the other hand, the porch is not the only pleasant outdoor spot that can be found on the farm owned by the family.

Their front and back porches each have a lovely and verdant garden that is filled with a variety of plants, from little shrubs to huge trees. The family often congregates in the living room to spend time together when they are not outside enjoying the fresh air.

The room has an elegant black fireplace that is anchored by a picture of a beach scene that hangs just over the mantel. A video that Bacon uploaded on Instagram reveals that there is a stunning rug covering the floor, which can also be seen in the clip.

In addition, the family has a sizable kitchen that includes granite countertops and tiled flooring. Their cabinetry is all white with silver accents, and they have an island in the middle of the room where the cooktop is located. In addition, there is a compact table located in the kitchen.

In addition to being lovely, the entrance door of the house is also quite impressive. From the porch, you may access the upper level via the French doors, which provide a view of the beautiful garden. They have a white paint job, which, together with the hardwood flooring, creates a stunning contrast.

On the property, the couple also has a bright red barn, which Bacon takes great pleasure in maintaining. Goats that Bacon maintains in the barn are the occasional audience for his guitar and singing performances. On the farm, the barn may be found in a spacious and open area of the property.

Ample room may also be found on the property thanks to the couple’s swimming pool and little orchard. In the swimming pool, there is a rock that serves as a diving board, and just beyond the swimming pool, there is a fence that separates the orchard from the rest of the property.

Both Sedgwick and Bacon Take Pleasure in Country Living

The couple has adjusted well to life on the farm, and Bacon even takes care of everything by driving around their expansive property and checking on everything. They disclosed that they own many barns on the property, and that Bacon drives a red jeep to go to each of the barns.

In addition to the goats, whom Bacon serenades with songs on occasion, the farmer couple also keeps a variety of other animals on their property. In addition to these animals, there are also alpacas that live on the site and may be seen in a few of the barns.

Goats, on the other hand, seem to have a recurring role in the lives of the pair. Once, on the occasion of their anniversary, Bacon gave Sedgwick two goats as a present. She loved them so much that she gave them the names Macon and Louie. In addition, there are horses on the property, and the pair often goes horseback riding together.

When they are not utilizing the red vehicle, the couple explores their vast property on horseback riding their horses. Bacon even posted a picture of the couple riding their horses on Instagram with the comment “Just us four.” The shot was captioned by Bacon.

Because they no longer have any children living with them, the couple spends their time caring for their pets and providing affection to them. Even as they are all working together in the barns, they sing to the animals.

In one of the posts, Sedgwick and Bacon were seen inside the barn, which is used to house the pygmy horses and goats. Together, Sedgwick and Bacon played a song for the animals as Sedgwick held a ukulele and Bacon strung the guitar.

They were dressed for the cold and sat on a bench outside the barn in the fading light as goats and horses grazed nearby on whatever was on the ground. They continued to sing with grins on their faces throughout the whole of the song.

They spend time just appreciating their farmyard animals when they are not singing to or otherwise interacting with the animals. On the Instagram profile that Bacon maintains, there is a photo that shows Sedgwick sitting on the playhouse that they have constructed for their goats, which includes a slide.

The pair is so dedicated that they have even named all of the animals that live on the farm. Bacon claimed that in the picture of Sedgwick on the playground, she was surrounded by four of their goats called Louie, Macon, Hocus, and Little Man. The names of these goats were included in the shot.

Bacon posts a lot of information on his animals and the farm on his various social media accounts. He has even said that his animals have the ability to make him feel better on days when he is having a particularly difficult time. On his TikTok account, he posted the following message:

“I don’t know how you handle your emotions, but when I’m feeling low, I prefer to hang out with my pets. How about you? They have to have known… Even Louie yearned for some affection later on evening.”

In the video, Bacon is shown outside with his goats, and he adds that the goat whose back he is scratching is one of his most independent animals, but that night he needed affection. The video also shows Bacon feeding his goats.

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