The streets are a hostile environment for strays such as stray dogs. The majority of strays flee anytime they see a person approaching, most likely as a kind of self-defense. A stray dog in Romania stood out from the others because she approached strangers on the street and followed them, most likely in the hopes of receiving some food. Stray dogs have evolved to the tough conditions of the streets, and they are able to fend for themselves and subsist on what people throw out whether or not they get any assistance.

However, stray animals are exposed to a number of dangers, and as a result, each year hundreds of them are injured or killed while living on the streets. The poor puppy had no idea that his home was so near to the busy road and that there were always so many automobiles passing by. Therefore, the volunteers from the organization “Howl of a Dog” discovered her and used goodies to coax Lily over to them.

Because of this, Lily was able to relax and enjoy the company of the other volunteers. The dog was able to comprehend the fact that their intention was to only assist her. One of the volunteers used a lot of patience and rewards in order to successfully place a leash on Lily. The dog let the volunteer touch her, and shortly afterward, the volunteer loaded the dog into her vehicle and took her to see a veterinarian.

Within a short period of time, Lily was able to fall asleep and place her whole confidence in the kind volunteer. When the dog arrived at the animal hospital, she was weighed right away, and the scale revealed that she weighed somewhere about 10.5 kg. Following that, the small puppy was checked to look for a microchip, but she did not have any.

In Romania, it was mandatory for all dog owners to have microchips implanted in their pets. During the inspection, it was discovered that the unfortunate dog had chewing gum embedded in her hair. This was a very distressing discovery. The veterinarian eliminated it straight away with the assistance of the scissors. It was speculated that she was around two years old at the time. After that, they carried out a battery of blood tests in order to ascertain the state of the dog’s health and identify any illnesses that she may have been suffering from.

There were a lot of lice and fleas living in Lily’s fur. In order to rid herself of her irritating companions, she had to take some medicine. The results of her blood test were generally positive, and the veterinarian recommended some nutritional supplements and vitamins to help the dog’s immune system. The “Howl of a Dog” shelter is where Lily was taken after being found. On the very first day, a bath was administered to her. After some time had passed, she finally got the hang of walking while tethered on a leash.

At first, she seemed to be a little perplexed. After just a few minutes of strolling across the park, though, she tentatively waggled her tail. After that, the spay operation was performed on her in a veterinary facility. In her current state, Lily is a joyful and jovial canine that is lots of fun. The adorable and devoted canine cherished every moment of her existence at this point in time. Lily was quickly taken up by a warm and welcoming family residing in Germany.

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