Meet Zia! The most despondent dog in all of creation. Her beautiful face has been mutilated! Because of the scars on her face, she was in a state of terror. She was ultimately sold to a slaughterhouse, which is the worst possible outcome. She is letting go of everything as she endures the agony of waiting in her last days.

She was saved from certain loss thanks to the efforts of the Harbin SHS Animal Rescue volunteers.

“There’s a lot that we don’t recognize anymore. Her treatment with antibiotics and analgesics will be started by the vets. I attempted to sit down with her, but instead, she immediately leaped inside the cage.

After two days, the veterinarian said, “She has an excellent appetite.” I have no doubt that she is even more vigilant at this very moment. Antibiotics and painkillers have been prescribed for her.

They cautiously and methodically began to wipe her face in little increments. Despite the fact that she had a really unpleasant odor, she is one stunning woman. She continues to make daily progress toward a full recovery.

Zia is progressing very well. She has made significant strides in her appearance. This young lady brought a smile to the faces of everyone on staff at SHS.

Her skin is becoming better and better every day. She has such a powerful presence. Even she breaks out with a smile.

“Take a good look at how she’s moving! She is looking very stunning right now! She is bulking up and becoming more robust. Her complexion is really stunning.

“I can’t believe it’s just been a few weeks since you arrived at the secondary school. It’s almost as if she were a whole new dog. Well well. Take a look at who others did it! Officially, Miss Zia is now residing in the United Kingdom!!!! There have been so many tears of joy today!

The dog, who was on the edge of passing away, finally starts a new life that is completely different, and it is filled with pleasure and also a delight.

By Anna

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