This little German shepherd was taken in by a cat family when he was a puppy, and ever since then, he has behaved more like an endearingly large kitten than a dog.

After suffering the loss of his whole family via circumstances that are unknown but heartbreaking, Osito, a potato-sized puppy, was brought into the shelter by a kind-hearted individual. But things turned out well for him since a kind foster parent took him in and bottle-fed him as part of their commitment to assisting him in maturing.

The kittens instantly took the little dog in as one of their own, and the puppy began to grow and become more exploratory in his new environment, which he shared with a family of cats. As Osito improved his health, it was obvious that he had become connected to his new feline companions and liked spending time with them.

The little puppy, which had been bottle-fed, started to develop normally while it was in the presence of the cats and was subject to the cats’ influence. The puppy dog was kneading his blanket in an endearing manner with his paws, similar to the way cats do, and his foster mother was one of the first people to notice it.

Soon after, he started to act out playtime in the same manner as the cats, using their cat tree and bouncing and playing much as they did. It is quite endearing to see him interact with the cats in their manner, jumping and tapping on them as if he were one of them. Even more typical of cats, he enjoys playing in a box made of cardboard and chasing after feather toys.

Seeing him utilize the scratching post is another amusing thing to see him do. As he attempts to play with the ball that is linked to the cat tree, he gives off such a hilarious appearance. How many instances have you seen a German shepherd behaving in the same way as a rambunctious kitten? This is our very first time doing it!

Osito’s kind nature immediately won over the cats, which is somewhat rare for cats given that they are more often seen hissing at canines. However, this time around, they decided to bring the puppy along with them. On addition to this, he sleeps in their cat beds and gives them loads of affection while doing so. It seems that he enjoys playing with his feline companions more than he does with other canines.

After providing for Osito’s needs for a period of time, his foster mother eventually made preparations to give him up for adoption. However, before she could, the ideal family presented themselves and wanted to adopt him. Because they had already acquired three cats from her, the fortunate dog got to be put in a household with his very own new feline companions.

The sweet little puppy’s story had a happy ending in the end, and he was very fortunate to have a lovely foster mother like Haley to save his life. The exceptional dog is deserving of the utmost joy in the world, and we have no doubt that he will experience it with his new family.

By Elen

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