It’s true that we often bring up our animals with a great deal of affection, but that’s precisely where the problem lies. An excessive amount of affection may be harmful to our loving animal pals in more ways than what we often perceive as being the case.

Despite the fact that Kan’s dad is a personal trainer, Kan the Alaskan Malamute has a serious case of obesity. It is well knowledge that the Alaskan Malamute was initially designed to pull large loads as a sled dog, yet it comes as a surprise that Kan is not at all interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The large doggie regularly accompanies his daddy to the gym, but all he does there is lie quietly and look over the other patrons as they push themselves to their physical limits.

The doctor at the animal hospital and Kan’s father are both quite concerned about their son’s health. He is so overweight that he does not want to move even an inch, and he is unable to even stand while he is eating. When this event occurs, his father sees how foolish it was for him to indulge this slothful boy’s every whim. Now that everything has reached an impasse, he is clueless as to what he can do to turn the situation around.

Kan’s dad assists him in signing up for the gym, but his trainer will find that there is virtually nothing she can do to get him to alter his viewpoint. Even trying to engage him in physical activity by taking him for a stroll is fruitless. In addition to this, the guy manipulates him into consuming diet food, but the results are not as beneficial as the guy had hoped. Even Kan’s girlfriend Maya isn’t able to get him motivated to go in the gym.

It is not till they locate a qualified professional dog trainer that the circumstance seems to have a glimmer of hope associated with it. This guy understands exactly what to do with lazy dogs like Kan, including how much labor he is capable of doing, what they might do to encourage him, and other relevant information.

Even if they have to use a seemingly endless number of strategies in order to persuade and attract him into exercising, at least Kan is beginning to find it intriguing enough to do it on his own. It would seem that he enjoys himself quite a bit as well!

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