Brendan Fraser, the star of “The Mummy,” has seen both highs and lows in his personal and professional lives. During his divorce, he stated he had no foreseeable future wages. The actor just made an appearance in a movie that might win him an Oscar after being MIA for a while. Fans’ reactions brought him to tears.

From the end of the 1990s to the beginning of the 2000s, Brendan Fraser was well-known. In successful movies like “The Mummy,” “The Mummy Returns,” and “George of the Jungle,” the actor played the lead role.

Brendan Fraser said after his divorce he had no expectations for future earnings, and the actor’s reactions to his comeback left him in tears.

However, Fraser shocked the world by taking an unplanned lengthy vacation when moviegoers were still enjoying his brilliant performances.

It all started in the summer of 2003 when he attended a function in Beverly Hills put on by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. The coveted Golden Globe awards are produced by this organization.

Philip Berk, the previous head of the organization, met the “The Mummy” actor. Fraser remembered Berk shaking his hand and starting to touch him improperly in the middle of a crowded room.

The actor acknowledged that he was afraid in a 2018 interview with GQ and noted that the HFPA’s strategy was different from what he had anticipated. Both guys were ordered not to enter the same room ever again by the organization.

Berk, on the other hand, refuted the charges. He said that he made a funny move when he softly caressed the actor’s bottom. The HFPA declined to comment, which only served to aggravate the situation.

Fraser’s despair was exacerbated by the whole incident, and he began to blame himself for the alleged abuse, believing that he must have exaggerated it. I was unhappy because I kept telling myself, “This is nothing,” he said.

Sadly, Fraser thought that the incident was the reason for his disagreement with the HFPA. He said he was on a blacklist and received few invitations to the Globes.

This broke the actor’s heart, and he regrettably started to withdraw and finally lost his enthusiasm for acting. He said this:

“For me, [work] withered on the vine. Something had been taken away from me, at least in my opinion.”

Fraser claimed that the actor’s career was declining because of the relationship, while Berk came to the opposite conclusion. He wouldn’t accept responsibility for it.

Fraser’s truth has not changed in the years after the occurrence. He said that he is proud of how daring some of his colleagues have been while advancing a well-known story, even as he beats himself up for not being courageous about it.

The on-screen celebrity discussed how his health deteriorated in 2003 during the same interview. He put forth excessive effort in pulling off stunts for his films.

Even though Fraser knew these acts were taxing his body, he never gave the idea of taking a break any thought. Instead, he switched between projects, and finally his wounds were so bad that they required surgery; he underwent knee, spine, and voice cord operations.

Fraser hoped to get increasingly tougher assignments despite his health issues. He had wanted to portray Superman, but the casting director did not approach him about the role.

The “The Mummy” actor was devastated by this and started to question his abilities. Despite having picked up other characters, he never took pride in them.

Instead, he started to believe that he was not at all deserving of becoming an actor. Unfortunately, his life as a whole declined, not just his work. His romantic life also broke down at the same time.

Fraser gained popularity and a sizable salary as a result of his role in “The Mummy.” But when difficulties in life struck, the actor was unable to brag about having a profession or money. Sadly, he and Afton Smith, his wife of over ten years, went through a painful divorce process.

The actor was already paying Smith $900,000 in alimony and child support, but he maintained that the amount should be reduced since he did not make much money from performances. Smith, meanwhile, was certain that her ex-husband was still a moneybag and had $9 million in unpaid film contracts hidden from view.

The well-known former actor said in court that he anticipated no payment for performing in the future. He was not aware of any upcoming agreements, which caused this.

His justification was that his deteriorating health and mounting medical bills severely limited his ability to earn well in the future.

In spite of the strained relationship throughout the legal struggle, the couple maintained a loving connection as they co-parented their children until their divorce was finally completed in 2009.

Fraser saw another tragedy as he dealt with his divorce and a failing career. This time, his mother’s cancer-related death occurred. Fraser described his background as a stage for which he was unprepared. He stated:

“I relocated and went through a divorce. There were some births. Even though they were born, they are still developing. I was going through experiences that, unless you go through them, mold and shape you in ways for which you are not prepared.”

Despite going through a difficult path, Fraser had the strength to get beyond his past. It took him several years, however, and included operations, his close friend, a horse, and a great opportunity.

Fraser, who most recently starred in the 2022 movie “The Whale,” traveled to Italy at the beginning of the month for the Venice Film Festival.

He earned the most screams and ovation from the obviously ecstatic crowd while on stage. Fraser’s eyes began to fill up with tears as the supporters cheered him on.

Fans once again offered their approval by applauding during his visit to Canada to recognize the Toronto International Film Festival, where he also received an award. They applauded the “The Mummy” star when they recognized him.

His role in “The Whale,” according to Variety, might place him “in the vanguard of this year’s best actor Oscars battle.” Thankfully, despite his extended absence, Fraser is prepared to take center stage. He said this:

“Out of something horrible, something wonderful resulted. Sometimes, however, it takes some time.”

Fraser’s experience is a little bit motivating. He was previously a well-known performer, but due to the tragedies in his life, he fell to the bottom. But despite his prior suffering, he is prepared to return to the profession several years later.

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