When Kristin Erwin learned that a stray puppy was found roaming along a pier in Channelview, Texas, she hurriedly got into her vehicle and drove there as quickly as she could.

Erwin, who often volunteers her assistance with canine rescues, was overcome with emotion when she arrived at the scene and saw the cutest girl pacing the docks all by herself.

Erwin hadn’t necessarily planned to take the dog home with her, but as soon as she saw the pup, she knew she couldn’t leave her behind. This was particularly true when the friendly girl started wagging her tail and rubbing up against Erwin’s legs. Erwin knew she couldn’t leave the pup alone.

After she had provided the adorable stray with food and water, she saw that not only was the dog incredibly underweight, but it also seemed as if it was nursing. Erwin was well aware that this could only imply one thing: that there were pups in the area.

Erwin disclosed to The Dodo that the items had been hidden on the porch area of an old, dilapidated restaurant that had long since closed its doors. They were just three to four weeks old at the time. It was December, and the temperatures were likely to start lowering shortly; thus, I was unable to leave them.

Erwin could not help but feel an overwhelming amount of sympathy for the stray dog, who would eventually be given the name Marla. Marla had been taking care of a large number of pups all by herself.

Erwin said that the fact that she was able to keep children alive must have depleted and tired her. It was particularly difficult for me since I have a lot of compassion for stray mama dogs and their puppies.

Erwin took care of Marla and her babies for a month before transferring them to the care of another foster family. There, they remained until the puppies reached the age when they could be immunized against diseases. They matured into sweet, lively canines that yearned for love as they progressed. Marla and all of her puppies were able to find homes for life quite quickly thanks to the assistance of Paddy’s Paws and Misfit Mutts Dog Rescue.

Erwin is happy that she was able to assist Marla and her babies in finding homes with someone who will love them for the rest of their lives, even though she will miss Marla and her puppies.

Erwin said that it was unnecessary for them to become the subsequent generation of strays. “I’m very thankful that I was there that day and was able to alter their course of events.”

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