When Dee Marie accepted Emi and her seven pups into her home, she could see right away that they were already a close-knit little family. From the very first day, the puppies slept together in one huge pile, and Emi was always there to make sure that her pups were secure. Emi’s puppies slept together in one big pile from the very first day.

According to what Marie said with The Dodo, “She’s been such a doting mother,” and she is constantly only feet away ready to check on them.

The charitable organization known as Northern Critters In Need was the one that found a new home for Emi and her litter of pups. Since Emi’s family does not have easy access to regular veterinary care and they live in a rural area, they were forced to seek outside assistance when she got pregnant.

“Where we reside in northeastern Ontario, there are a number of really rural settlements, and many of them can only be accessed by flying,” Marie said. “Many of them only have a single airport.” Access to even the most basic veterinary care and pet supplies may be challenging, if not downright impossible.

Marie volunteered to take care of Emi and her pups until they were old enough to be adopted. During this time, she quickly saw that each dog has its own personality.

Marie remarked that the puppies had a lot of appeal as a group. “Aang was always the one to take charge of the puppy pack. Because he is so outspoken and self-assured, the other members of the team follow his lead and wait behind him each morning for instructions.

When their older brother isn’t directing their every move, the puppies keep themselves occupied by snoozing in a heap with each other. Marie believed that the puppies, as they got older, would want their own area, but things didn’t turn out the way she anticipated them to come out.

According to Marie, “We try to get the puppies acclimated to being in a crate early so that they identify it with being a tranquil area to relax.” “And this litter grasped the task and started sleeping in puppy mounds as soon as they could,” the author writes.

After she saw that they were growing in size, Marie added another box to their living quarters so that they would have more room to roam. However, the pups paid little attention to the additional crate and instead continued to cram themselves inside the first one.

Marie remarked that the dogs, despite having access to more space, continued to crowd themselves into the one available crate. “However, who could possibly blame them? It’s the coziest spot to curl up in the world!”

Since they were originally introduced to their cages, the foster pups have more than quadrupled in size, yet they continue to refuse to sleep in separate spaces while they are there.

Marie said, “I’ll be damned if they don’t still find a way to jam into sleep like hairy little sardines.” “They’ll be darned if they don’t still find a way to cram in to nap like sardine

Since the pups are now 9 weeks old, Marie has been gradually releasing them from her care so that they may join the families with whom they will spend the rest of their lives.

When all of the pups have been taken in by new families, Mama Emi will be spayed, and then she will go back to living with her original family. However, she won’t be alone herself. Aang is going to move in with his mother, and the two of them will continue to be a snuggle puddle together.

Marie expressed her happiness that the woman will have the opportunity to retain one of her puppies as a lifelong companion.

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