Puppies are priceless animals, and their only purpose in life is to be cherished and cared for. They are not equipped to handle the perils of the outside world, and so should not be allowed to go there. They require their mother or owners who provide them with good care, yet some people simply callously chuck these poor creatures out the door, leaving them to riskily battle to live day by day. They need their mother or owners who provide them with suitable care.

Love Furry Friends was made aware of the situation in which two pups had been abandoned close to the lake and were hiding in a pipe. They did not waste any time and set out immediately to rescue the puppies and deliver some food and water to them. While one of the puppies emerged from the pipe and let the rescuer to touch her, the other did not seem interested in being petted and stayed within the pipe. It seemed as if she was exhausted and ready for bed.

They made the decision to bring them back to the shelter, where they would get a thorough cleaning and tender care. One of the dogs was called Plusha, while the other one was called Lucy. After she got out of the water, they heard a peculiar noise coming from Lucy. They didn’t waste any time and brought her to the veterinarian right away for a checkup. Megaesophagus was the diagnosis that was given to her. Because of the growth of the esophagus, food and fluids had a difficult time going into the stomach, but they were able to enter into a pocket that developed in the esophagus instead. Lucy should be fed standing up for the whole of her life. She was able to consume food, but soon after she would get sick.

A few days after the operation, Lucy began receiving her nourishment through a tube placed in her nose. Pusha couldn’t contain her joy when her sister returned from the doctor’s office. Following the posting of photographs of Pusha on the internet by the animal shelter, a loving family made the decision almost immediately to adopt her. She had moved into a wonderful house with loving parents at this point.

The little child Lucy remained at the shelter for the night. She was had to sit in an upright posture while being fed, which caused her some discomfort. Following her meal, she must be required to stand for around ten to fifteen minutes.

She had a difficult past, but it was very touching to see that a dog at the shelter called Mimi became a gentle mom to the youngster that she had. She made sure Lucy was comfortable in all of her everyday activities and was always there to keep her company. They had such a harmonious relationship with one another. Mimi was the one who assisted Lucy in returning to her regular life, always by her side whenever it was required of her to do so. It was hoped that Lucy would get used to the routine in a short amount of time and be offered a second opportunity to have a home where she would be cared for for the rest of her life by someone who was willing to do so.

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