individuals belonging to the human species. Despite the fact that this profound affection is acknowledged and capitalized upon in the media and commerce, some people continue to believe that mourning the loss of a pet cat in contrast to the loss of family members is overreaching.

However, not only is the loss of one’s cat heartbreaking, but it also hurts just as much as the loss of a human family member or friend.

UK The author Lee Kynaston saw parallels between the tragedy of losing his father and the loss of his cat Dave in his own life. When Kynaston first realized that the pain he felt over Dave’s loss was just as overpowering as the pain he had felt when he lost his father, he found himself tortured with guilt. Dave’s loss had caused him to feel exactly the same way. Because of his feelings, he was concerned that others would accuse him of being “heartless” or even “crazy.”

According to a body of research, the passing of a much-loved family pet is, in virtually every respect, analogous to the loss of a human relative or friend. Having said all of that, the idea of holding a funeral for a cat may still strike some of us as odd. In addition, it is anticipated that we will resume company operations as quickly as possible. In the end, it was “only a cat,” right?

Through all of life’s highs and lows, victories, and defeats, our cats have been there for us as our most trusted companions. They are a warm source of love when we need it the most, and they make us laugh when we are going through tough times. Sure, they could be cheeky and just plain disrespectful at times, but they are always there for us when we need them the most.

Just keep in mind that experiencing feelings of heartbreak or sadness after the loss of your cat, who had committed their whole life to you, is not an indication that you are insane.

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