While a guy who had a vision of his own future kid when he was a child himself was unable to have children with his wife, he was taken aback by this development. After a series of tests, he continued to be adamantly opposed to her proposition that they adopt.

The use of fashionable phrases such as fate, destiny, or the supernatural in today’s culture will often be viewed with skepticism and scorn. However, humans are periodically shown that even if science and technology are very real, fate and magic still have their place in the world.

This is the story of a guy who, when he was a young man, had a vision that, many years later, was fulfilled in a manner that both humbled him and his wife and could only have been divine. This is the story of a man who had a vision when he was a young man.

Walt Manis spent his childhood on a farm in Arkansas, where he was both born and raised. He has always had a deep appreciation for being outside and spending time in natural settings. “I liked being in nature. Walt made the observation, “I would just walk out there by myself and I would have all this time, and I would be talking to God.”

Despite the fact that it sounded a little bit odd, the little guy thought it was perfectly normal. However, when he was just 12 years old, he had a vision that predicted he would one day be the father of a girl called Chloe.

It was a vivid dream, and even when he woke up, he couldn’t forget the image or the child’s name. He was swinging her around in his parents’ yard, and he was the one doing the swinging.

Shortly after the vision, Walt moved to a new place, and it was there that he became acquainted with a little girl named Annie. They are neighbors that live on opposite sides of the street from one another, and they became good friends quite fast after meeting one other.

Even though Walt did not take Annie seriously because she was just a “little munchkin” because of where their families resided on the other pasture, they were able to connect because of the proximity of their families. This was the case despite the fact that he did not take Annie seriously because she was just a “little munchkin.”

Naturally, Annie thought he was fantastic and kept thinking to herself how lucky she would be to marry a guy like Walt when she was a little older.

Before she ultimately registered in a university that was located thirty minutes away from where he had been attending school, he had been kind enough to come over to assist her get things up and link her with a church. This was before she had enrolled in the university.

Eventually, as the two spent more and more time together, Annie shared with Walt her desire to expand her family by having children in the course of a discussion. She also suggested the name Chloe, which she considered to be the perfect moniker for her future kid.

Both Walt and his companion were dumbfounded by the synchronicity of the situation after Walt had identified the name in his vision. In point of fact, the two of them didn’t have a very good understanding of the issue since Walt had pictured a woman with the qualities of the kid.

Annie had not chosen a name for any of her children, despite the fact that she had given some thought to the name Chloe. Despite this, throughout the course of their time together, the two finally developed romantic feelings for one another and tied the knot. By Annie

Walt made me feel like I belonged in his family right away.

After being married, Walt and his wife came to the conclusion that they did not want to create a family for some time and instead wanted to travel and work with organizations that were dedicated to humanitarian causes. However, when the two believed that the moment had come, they were unsuccessful.

After the first year, they came to the conclusion that they had been attempting to conceive for a total of four years without any result. Walt, who had a vision when he was younger, refused to give up on the promise of a child they both felt God had supplied, despite the fact that Annie progressively started to lose faith in the matter.

Annie would later admit that she struggled to be faithful to her religion because she felt that it was harsh. Annie’s relationship with God started to suffer when he started behaving in ways that she did not consider to be decent. As a result, she started to question whether or not he was a good God.

Walt even mentioned that his wife had to sometimes put on an act in order to congratulate people as they watched their friends become parents. He added that she had to fake a funny grin. They soon came to the realization that they were “idiots who yearned for children.”

Nevertheless, Annie observed a shift in herself along the road as she grew to embrace the prospect that they would never have a baby of their own and that it was absolutely okay for them to never have any children of their own. They began to come to terms with it, but they were unable to deny the tremendous desire they both had to have a family.

They continued to pray together, but also asked others, even total strangers, to pray for them. Annie suggested that they give serious thought to the possibility of adopting a child when it seemed that their efforts would have little effect, despite their best efforts.

Walt was adamant in his refusal; there was no way he would ever agree to raise a kid who was not of his flesh and blood, especially considering how convinced he was that the promised child would come into the world.

He resisted the idea of adoption for as long as he could, but in the end he caved in to the pressure and agreed to look into it. He was certain that God had given him a kid as a gift, and as a result, he want to have the biological child that God had promised him rather than just adopting a child.

When Walt finally consented to investigate the possibility of adopting a child, the couple opted to give their child a different name since they believed the vision to have been a “fluke.” Then, one day, Annie received a letter from the adoption agency indicating that a baby was still inside and was seeking for a mother. The message said that the baby had been waiting for a mother for quite some time.

Walt went along with Annie when she finally had the opportunity to see her biological mother, despite the fact that he remained skeptical of the path they were on. When he arrived there, he came face to face with a lady who reminded him of an older version of the little girl he had seen in his vision.

There was more to learn, despite the fact that it was a shocking revelation. After discussing with the mother for three hours straight, the question of what name they would most want to give the kid was posed to them. Before the two of them were even able to communicate with one another, the kid’s biological mother said that she had always named the infant Chloe.

The couple was in a state of astonishment when the mother revealed to them that, before to knowing about Walt and Annie, she had never even considered giving their child any other name at all.

They both started crying at the same time because they had agreed to drop the name, but then realized that it was still there when they arrived at their destination after all that traveling. By Annie

“I don’t even remember precisely what we did; all I remember is that I was crying in public,” she said. “I don’t even remember what we did.”

It served as a reminder of the privilege that comes with being a Christian while also putting to rest all of their doubts that the kid they wished to adopt was truly the one they were destined to nurture.

On that exact day, they were aware of God’s presence, and Annie became aware of how constrained her perspective had become as she awaited the arrival of her child. After some time had passed, the couple finally got to see their kid again on the day of the birth. Nobody will be able to change Walt and Annie’s minds; in their eyes, it really was a miracle.

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