Using nothing but their imaginations, children are capable of writing the most captivating tales. On the other hand, when you spend your childhood on a farm, you have a lot of cool stuff to work with.

Olan, a charming young man from Alabama who is quite the storyteller, is a local favorite. Because he and his family live on a little farm in the middle of the countryside, it is only natural that his stories have a “wild” quality to them.

Fortunately, Olan’s mom and dad have a YouTube account called “The Real Wild Thornberrys,” on which they upload videos of some of their son’s fantastical tales. Even while they are all entertaining to listen to (particularly with his endearing voice), there is one video, in particular, that is winning people over.

Get ready to delight in Olan, age 2, as he tells you a tale about a cow…

Mom helps him get started.

Little Olan Thornberry is seated beside his parents, Gatlin and Maegan Thornberry, who are fully aware of the extraordinary imagination that their boy has. Mom calls out to him as she is recording him, “I need you to tell me about the cow.”

That’s all it takes to start Olan’s thoughts moving in the right direction! The first thing out of his mouth is an “Oh,” and then he launches into a tale about a time when he was riding a cow.

This youngster gives off the impression that he knows what he’s talking about.

The little child claims that he began riding the “small cow” after putting a bridle on it and saddling it. On the other hand, the animal wouldn’t settle down, so he had no choice but to confine it. However, that’s not the end of it…

The question from mom is, “But what exactly did the cow do to you?” Olan responds:

“He threw me off the horse!”

The fact that Olan speaks with an accent makes his cow tale that much more entertaining.

The little boy’s crazy story is enhanced by the charming drawl of the South that the child has. The following information pertaining to “the drawl” is provided by Babbel Magazine:

The length of the vowels is a key component of what the majority of people refer to as the “Southern drawl.” Diphthongization, often known as the splitting of a vowel sound into two syllables, is a common linguistic phenomenon. This is how many different words are pronounced, such as “here” as “hee-yur” or “red” as “ray-end.” Consider Tom Hanks in the role of Forrest Gump.

Both Mom and Dad are interested in hearing a unique cow tale if you have one.

They attempt to change the subject and get Olan to tell about something that happened to his foot when he was around a cow. However, he is having none of it! The kid is intent on telling the tale of the “small cow who bucked him off,” which indicates that they will have to hold off until the next time they get together.

Because the film contains so much priceless information, YouTube users have seen it more than 449 thousand times.
It is written in the description that:

“…little Olan, who is just 2 years old, is relating a tale about a time when he was thrown off of a cow. As you can see in the video, we are attempting to get him to tell a different narrative about a cow licking his foot and eating his shoe, but he has other intentions in mind! This young man has a lot of intelligence, and vivid imagination, and he loves telling stories!

Olan has won people’s hearts all around the internet, as seen by the comments left on YouTube by individuals such as:

“OMG! This tiny guy takes the cake for the prettiest I’ve ever seen… absolutely adore this video!!! Makes me grin!!!”

Another author said:

The inventiveness of Olan shows brightly from the very beginning to the very conclusion.

Then, just when you think the video can’t possibly be any more adorable, he wraps it off by saying:

“Yesterday, the motorbike threw me off just as it did today…”

Something in my gut tells me that this youngster is going to grow up to be a writer. Up until then, thanks to Mom and Dad for nurturing their son’s extraordinary imagination and natural ability for creating stories. Who can guess what brilliant idea he’ll have next?

To listen to Olan’s cow tale for yourself, just hit the play button on the video that’s been embedded below.

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