Melissa and Jenny McCarthy have always been close. Jenny helped McCarthy get started in showbiz. The two have consistently refuted feuding reports.

Melissa McCarthy is kind. Her grin and humor are her best features. She’s passing these attributes on to her two girls with her husband Ben Falcone.

McCarthy and her husband have taught their girls the value of being kind and compassionate.

In a world where social media abuse and hostility are common, teaching compassion is difficult. Her desire to avoid disagreeable people motivates her to raise good girls. Her thoughts:

Ben and I spoke about releasing only excellent work.

“Bridesmaids” actress grew raised in a home that valued respect and productivity. They didn’t like those who harmed others’ looks.

Jenny McCarthy revealed her beliefs. Jenny, an actress and comedian, and McCarthy were friends in Illinois before Hollywood.

Jenny posted a throwback picture of her, her sister, and McCarthy visiting a zoo as kids in 2015. The picture caption read:

“Sister, myself, and Melissa. 102° in the zoo, unhappy campers.”

Jenny, 21, landed her first work in 1993 when Playboy magazine offered her $20,000 to appear for its October edition.

October 1993 Playmate. Her Catholic family didn’t like the feature. She had stepped into Hollywood, and she couldn’t go back.

She hosted “Singled Out” and “The Stupids” a year later. Increasingly popular, she debuted “Jenny” in 1997.

McCarthy’s star wasn’t as bright. She hadn’t landed her big break and said if she hadn’t by 30, she’d stop acting and find another job.

She had been aiding and organizing small productions but had never been on camera. Jenny employed McCarthy as a production assistant for her NBC comedy “Jenny” and helped her win her first part. Her memory:

“When she was starting out, I was able to find her a job on a program I was shooting so she could learn the ropes and get TV set experience in front of and behind the camera.”

McCarthy thanked Jenny for helping her get into the profession in an interview with Stern Howard. She said the opportunity opened numerous opportunities.

Despite their love and respectful relationship, 2014 stories suggested differently. Jenny allegedly encouraged her relative to lose weight to succeed in Hollywood.

Jenny denied the allegations. She brought McCarthy into the profession but maintained her success due to her perseverance, skill, and hard work.

Jenny defended her cousin when she was fat-shamed. Jenny defended McCarthy when Rex Reed called him fat and unpleasant.

She criticized Reed’s personal attacks, claiming it was vile of him. She said everyone knew McCarthy was brilliant and didn’t like Reed’s remarks. She criticized:

“It’s annoying. It’s wrong and harmful for anybody to attack like way, even Rex Reed.”

Jenny was criticized the same year for not inviting her cousin to her wedding with Donnie Wahlberg. The “Dirty Love” actress said the tiny ceremony will comprise the couple’s closest friends and relatives.

“Crazy Little Thing” actress and her fiance didn’t want hundreds of guests. McCarthy was thus not invited. Jenny told:

“It’s painful when people invent myths that set families and women against one other.”

Even if they don’t talk as often, the cousins are nonetheless close. McCarthy said it’s because they’re from “different worlds today,” not because they’re feuding.

Due to their hectic schedules, Jenny and McCarthy seldom communicate. That doesn’t mean they’re over.

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