Through many years of toil and self-control, William Clark Gable created an exceptional legacy for himself and his family. But was this tradition carried on by his family, which included his namesake grandson who passed away at an early age and his son who declined to take care of the burial arrangements?

William Clark Gable, sometimes known as “the King of Hollywood,” was a very gorgeous guy. There is no doubt about it. However, what made him more appealing was the self-assurance that he projected on television.

He was known across the globe as a mustachioed actor who was renowned for his unparalleled ability to bring his role to life on film. On the other hand, he was a trustworthy friend to his fifth wife, the actress and model Kay Williams Gable.

The two individuals came to the conclusion that they had a lot of similarities. They were raised in rural towns and went on to make a marvel out of their lives with their occupations, but they liked the straightforward activities of life, such as fishing, riding horses, and playing tennis.

Because of all of these factors, it was simple for them to come together as a group. They continued their friendship for a whole year before beginning a romantic relationship together and finally getting married.

At first glance, it seemed as if they did not have marriage on their agenda. John Lee Mahin remembered that the conversation went something like this: “Kay was very much in love with him, but Clark was frightened of marrying again.”

Soon after the couple began dating, Kay discovered she was pregnant with his only son, John Clark Gable. The actor who played Rhett Butler in “Gone With the Wind” was overjoyed at the opportunity to have a family, and as a result, he gave some thought to retiring. The actor was said to have spoken about his feelings at the time when his wife was pregnant, as reported by the Los Angeles Times. He said:

“This is a reward that one should have received earlier in one’s life. As soon as I finish this photo, I’m going to take a break from work till after the kid is born. I want to be there, and I want to continue to be there for a significant number of months after that.”

Sadly, he did not survive long enough to appreciate the company of his family. After suffering a serious heart attack in 1960 at the age of 59, William passed away. This was around a quarter of a year before the birth of his son.

John kept the memories that were given to him by his mother throughout his life, and as a result, he felt a connection with his father, despite the fact that he had never met him.

John didn’t become a parent until a good number of years after William’s passing, but when he did, he chose to name his kid after the iconic performer. It’s interesting to note that the renowned actor’s grandson, Clark James Gable, looked exactly like both the famous actor and John Gable, the famous actor’s father.

The fate of Clark James Gable was a tragic one.

Clark James Gable, often known as Gable III, did not achieve the same level of renown as his grandpa, the legendary actor Clark Gable, nor did he live as long as his grandfather did.

However, James was aware of the legacy that his grandpa had left behind and made an effort to get into the Hollywood industry. Before his sad death in 2017, he was the host of a television program called “Cheaters,” and before that, he was working hard to construct a good resume.

Unfortunately for James, he did not have as many features as he had hoped to have. Instead, he battled drug addiction and found it difficult to remain sober throughout the course of his life. After he passed away in 2017, his sister Kayley Gable speculated that substance usage may have been a contributing factor in her brother’s death.

Summer, the man’s fiancee, discovered him motionless in his bed in Dallas, where he resided, when he was 30 years old. James was transported to the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, but sadly, it was there that it was determined that he had passed away. There was no formal record that may shed light on the circumstances surrounding his death.

However, those who followed the Clark Cable dynasty were aware that the loss was a severe blow to the family. His mother, Tracy Yarro Scheff, broke down in tears as she related the news of her son’s passing and made a confession with the audience. In a subsequent interview with DailyMail, she provided evidence that supported her daughter’s assertion that her son had a substance abuse issue. In her words:

“I have no clue what caused or contributed to his death. On the other hand, he has battled addiction throughout the course of his life. I have no idea whether it was the cause of his passing, but I do know that he did not intend to behave in that manner.”

She also claimed that her family was afflicted by a drug issue and that her son had previously sought therapy for his addiction. Scheff said that the reason her marriage to John terminated was due to his addiction problem.

She said that she did not know how he passed away despite the fact that Summer, his fiancee and the mother of his kid, who he had lived with for the previous six years, was the one who discovered him.

Sadly, James’s death was a tragic case of the past repeating itself. The promising actor abandoned his little daughter, Shore, leaving her without a father. Even though she had only been about a year when he passed away, the actor had formed a strong relationship with his younger self.

It has been said by Scheff that “I have no idea how much information she will retain. But we have a great deal of photographic and video evidence.” During the course of her explanation of her son’s perspective on being a parent, she continued:

“He wanted nothing more than to be a doting father to his daughter. After learning that his partner was pregnant, he prioritized nothing more than being there during the delivery of his child above everything else in the world. That was the only thing that was important to him.”

James’s struggle with heroin addiction ultimately proved fatal, despite the fact that he wanted to be a caring parent for his children. In the end, it was the addiction that took James’s life.


James and his father, John, had not had a close relationship for a number of years before to James’s sudden death. It was disclosed by Scheff that the reason she divorced her husband was due to the fact that he was addicted to drugs, but that this action also damaged the link between him and their two children.

After James passed away, Kayley called their absent father to notify him of the tragedy. However, she said that her estranged father abruptly stopped the conversation and sent an inappropriate note, both of which she posted on Facebook. This is what the message said:

“I am sorry for the loss you have suffered. What I have in mind is this. Cremate the body. He is not going to be buried in the plot that my family has, and I will not be contributing financially in any way.”

The Gables own a space in Forest Lawn Cemetery in Los Angeles, which is where William was laid to rest. As was to be anticipated, James should have been laid to rest there as well, but the note indicates that John was opposed to the idea. In addition to this, it stated:

“You all bring dishonor upon my family by using my father’s name, and you don’t want me to go to the press. Stay out of my father’s and my business about the drug situation. On my end, there are no services available. Kayley is not to ever contact me again. I am sorry to hear about your loss. I’m done. It really can be summed up like that. Honor my requests, please.”

On the other hand, Kayley was having none of it. Instead, she chose to react with accusations, suggesting that the senior Gable was setting a poor example for the younger Gables by engaging in drug use in front of them.

In the midst of the charges, Scheff offered lovely words about her son, who had passed away. She had a lot of respect for his work ethic, his group of friends, and the way he interacted with her family, particularly his maternal grandfather.

Halley Leah Leong established a GoFundMe campaign with the goal of raising $12,000 to assist with the costs associated with his funeral preparations. However, the most recent information on the fundraising appeal revealed that there had been ninety-three donors who together raised $8,280 up until this point.

The legendary Clark Gable is only left behind in this world by his two grandchildren. It was said that he had a hidden daughter with a past girlfriend named Loretta Young. Her name was Judy Lewis. In addition, he has great-grandchildren, one of them is Shore, who is James’s lone child.

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