A gang of bikers who call themselves “Smash Bros Plus One” ride their bikes all around Fort Worth, Texas, the night of every Monday. Most of the time, they stick to their plans, but every once in a while, they decide to go on an impromptu journey. A very important ride on the bike led to the successful attempt to save the life of a dog.

After deliberating for a week, the bikers came to the conclusion that they would ride a total of 80 miles to Dallas and back. However, they were forced to make a stop approximately 30 miles into their trip when they came across a woman who was pleading with them for assistance. When they asked her what was wrong, she showed them a Pit Bull who was stuck on an assistance beam and was unable to move about on her own.

On their way to Dallas, the riders came into a woman who had stopped her car and was attempting to wave other drivers and pedestrians over a bridge. The cyclists saw the woman as they got closer to the bridge. She would not stop shouting that “that dog” needed assistance. The riders proceeded with caution at first, but eventually, they made up their minds to check out what was going on.

The woman saw that the Pit Bull mix had been trapped on a concrete support beam directly beneath the roadway. She was around fifteen to twenty feet above the ground, and she was unable to move either upward or downward since she was in that position. It’s conceivable that she was abandoned there by someone.

A handyman stopped to investigate the disturbance as the riders were attempting to devise a strategy for reaching the dog in the midst of the chaos. It just so happened that he had a ladder stashed away in his car. Therefore, in order to get closer to the dog, rider Chris Williamson down the ladder. He attempted to win her confidence by spending around fifteen minutes sitting next to her.

As soon as it seemed that the puppy was at ease in his presence, Williamson took her up and handed her to the folks standing above him. They carried her in their arms like a newborn and then carefully placed her down. The puppy seemed happy to have finally reached its destination.

Someone called the number for animal control, and a representative arrived at the bridge to check the dog for a microchip. Because she did not have one and the nearby shelters were already at capacity, the riders came to the conclusion that they would locate a more secure location for her to go. They were ultimately successful in contacting Saving Hope Rescue, which located a suitable home for her to stay in temporarily.

Moriah Wilson, a professional cyclist who was just killed in Austin, inspired the rescuers to name the pit bull Moriah. The name they have given the dog, shortened to “Mo,” is Moriah. Mo is doing rather well with her host family at this point, and it is all because of the kind bikers who chose to stop what they were doing and provide assistance in any way they could.

A great number of animal shelters and rescue organizations now have more dogs than they are able to care for. Therefore, if you are able to, please consider making a contribution to the Saving Hope Rescue in order to support dogs like Mo.

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