Someone poisoned her after she had given birth to her litter of six pups and was attempting to find food. They did this by placing poisoned food beneath a vehicle, where she was trying to collect food. The poor female was cornered and ended up eating the tainted meal.

A tiny girl spotted Luna in a dreadful condition. He called the Prishtina Dog Shelter after waiting for the old gentleman who had really abandoned the food to leave before making the call. As soon as they arrived at the location, Luna immediately started hyperventilating, yet she still managed to raise her head and make a pleading appeal to rescue her little children. An emergency shot administered by the volunteer’s veterinarian kept her from passing away.

She was sent directly to the Prishtina Dog Sanctuary, where she was reunited with her offspring as soon as she arrived…

The next day, Luna was finally ready to undergo her first vaccinations, which are critical for maintaining both her own and her pups’ overall health and well-being. She was a bit nervous, but overall she behaved brilliantly; she is such a beautiful dog. Although she was fairly weak and in need of rest, she was otherwise healthy.

The next morning, the veterinary checkup revealed that everything was well, and Luna is doing well despite the fact that her puppies are not yet old enough to be adopted. When Luna first caught sight of them, she felt a surge of happiness.

Because she was so pleasant to be with, it was clear that she was not a stray dog who had been abandoned there.

Nikita and Luna, two orphans who were abandoned and discovered a day prior to Luna being found, follow Luna. Despite the fact that they are not Luna’s biological offspring, Luna allows them to nurse. Isn’t she a wonderful mom to her kids?

After just 10 days at the facility, the good news was that Luna and all of her offspring were adopted, and they will now have a home to call their own for the rest of their lives. Luna needs to be adopted by a loving family in the Los Angeles area.

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