When little Lara sang her version of “Shake it off” by Taylor Swift on The Voice Kids, she exuded an air of self-assurance as she stepped onto the platform. However, the young woman lost her composure after the judges whirled around in their chairs.

In addition, viewers of the program will tell you that it is exciting to see the judges push the huge red button and spin it around, which is a positive development.

This vocalist hails from the Czech Republic, yet her character spans all of Europe even though she is only eleven years old. Lara, clad in leather, emerged from the backstage area to energize the crowd for her performance.

The song that Taylor Swift wrote was a reaction to those who disliked her.

Swift even went so far as to state on her own YouTube account, “I’ve learned a really difficult lesson that people can say anything they want about us at any moment, and we cannot control that. Our response is the only aspect of that situation over which we have any influence.

Swift later said in an interview with Rolling Stone, “I’ve had every aspect of my existence scrutinized, including my decisions, my behavior, my words, my body, my style, and my music. When you spend your life under such intense scrutiny, you have two choices: you can either give in to the pressure and let it destroy you, or you may learn to become an expert at evading blows. And when one does land, you already know how to handle the situation. And I think that the way I cope with that is to shake it off every once in a while.”

Even if you can’t identify with the words of the song, the dance-pop tune is so infectious that you can’t help but move your head in time to the beat.

With confidence like that, Little Lara definitely doesn’t need the song’s message in her life just yet; nevertheless, haters and keyboard warriors will invariably find ways to get to her if she continues to project that image.

By Anna

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