Every dog is deserving of a home and a family since they are all excellent dogs. However, not all of them had such good fortune. They even face the possibility of losing their lives. They seem to have given up hope of ever finding a place to call home permanently. Those who see the plight of these creatures feel their hearts clench.

The life of Zeus has been difficult in the past. The rough and rugged look of the golden retriever caused him to be abandoned at the animal shelter in his community. He also had what might be described as a “aggressive” grin, which caused some of the people and other animals at the shelter to be wary of him. Thank goodness for Dustin Kelley, who took him in and gave him a family of his own.

The good-hearted guy found the dog for the first time when he was looking at the other pets at the animal shelter in his town. At that moment, Zeus was seen sitting at the far corner of his enclosure with his head down low. He seemed despondent and powerless at the same time.

Kelly, in point of fact, did not initially look into adopting a child. However, when he learned that the dog, who seemed to be in distress, was going to be put to sleep the next day, he made a choice. He ended up changing his mind and taking the dog with him.

The animal shelter was reluctant for the guy to take Zeus home with him. Because of the dog’s propensity to show his fangs, they claimed that he was “unadoptable” in his current state.

But the good-hearted guy continued to bring Zeus back to his house. The dog could be able to live in his house, or at the very least, he might be able to save the dog’s life for a few weeks.

Kelley said that an employee of the shelter removed the dog from his kennel and brought him to the lobby so that her family could depart. “I’m not going to sugarcoat it; I have to admit that I was really shaken up by it in the beginning.”

Dogs like Zeus need some adjustment time in order to socialize well with their new human families and living environments. After being adopted, Zeus didn’t exhibit any signs of his personality for the first several months. He didn’t grin, wag his tail, or laugh.

Kelly’s genuine affection and concern for the dog have paid off, thank goodness. After a very protracted period of time, Zeus finally cracked a grin and began to trust his father. The dog has recently become somewhat endearingly goofy, which provides a great deal of amusement for the man who owns him.

“After those first three months, he began to grin all day every day, and that’s when I knew he was displaying his teeth because he was delighted, not because he was furious,” Kelley said. “After those first three months, he started to smile all day every day.”

Now, the dog with the endearing grin is always welcomed everywhere he goes, including at the veterinarian’s office, the groomer’s, the shop, and even Starbucks. The adoration that people have for Zeus prompts them to seek him out.

It turns out that Zeus is a courageous and reliable dog. His life is completely transformed as a result of the love and consideration shown to him by his partner.

“He has been there for me through some of the most difficult periods in my life. “And on each and every gloomy day, his grin has brought a smile to my face,” Kelley added. “I may have taken him in as my own, but there’s no question that he saved my life.”

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