Some dogs are able to sleep pretty much wherever they like, whether it is on the branch or on the lap of one of their canine companions. If they find the place pleasant enough to sleep in, they won’t think twice about dozing off here for a bit. And this ends up being really cute, and the people around them fall head over heels in love with them as a result.

This Shiba Inu became famous online due to her beds that resembled various snacks, such as a bed shaped like a bag of potato chips, for example. Even though she sleeps inside the bag (which serves as her bed), she continues to develop an addiction to it.

The Shiba is known by its Japanese name, Yuki-Chan. At the moment, she may be seen dwelling in Aomori, Japan with her family. The sweet little child takes her naps on the “snack beds” with great pleasure.

The adorable puppy can’t contain her joy while she’s resting on one of her one-of-a-kind beds. Because of this, each person who sees her instantly falls head over heels in love with her. Who can say no to the irresistible puppy dog eyes of a dog?

Yuki-Chan now has her very own Twitter account, which she uses to communicate with her 16.2 million fans from all around the globe. People just cannot get enough of how adorable she is.

Another one of her favorite things is her bed, which is shaped like a warm cup of instant noodles. The images that include the dog lying on this bed are by far the most well-liked ones.

“I believe that this is due to the fact that the color of the Shiba Inu is comparable to the color of the components in the udon. “Also, her smiling expression while she sleeps is just too adorable,” Yuki-owner Chan’s stated.

People can’t help but fall in love with the adorable Yuki-Chan. Every day, this sweet little girl makes her owners feel like they are walking on clouds of happiness. No need to look any further!

If you are seeking for a dog tale that will improve your mood quicker than a rock on a Monday, then this one is just up your alley. Enjoy!

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