“Solo,” a deaf dog, has spent his whole existence living on the streets of Los Angeles, in the United States of America. When he was around 11 years old, he ultimately became ill and traveled through the streets with the different other dogs. Finally, he went to the doorway of a woman’s home and opted to remain there until someone arrived to help him. He was eventually rescued.

The lady realized the older dog that she discovered on her doorstep was terrified, and since he was alone, she decided to name him Solovino, which is Italian for “came alone.” After a couple of days had really gone and Solo was still living on her doorstep, the lady phoned Rocket Dog Rescue who promised to care for him and they transported him to the city of San Francisco to live there.

After arriving at the animal shelter, Solo was placed in a foster home, where she spent the next year and a half living with a number of different companions. He was sometimes given up for adoption, but he always made his way back.

Nobody could figure out why the loving dog could not find a family who would take him in on a permanent basis, and Carol Messina was about to give up hope when she came across his picture on one of the social networking sites.

The new mother of Solo Carol Said:

“The moment I laid eyes on his profile picture on the website, I felt an overwhelming desire to adore him. After that, I found out that his name was Solovino, and being a major fan of Star Wars (I even have a pet cat named after a character from Star Wars), I was immediately intrigued. Almost instantly, the notion occurred to me, “Well, his name is Solo!” I was surprised to learn that his foster father had been referring to him in this manner all along! He was aware that it was predetermined. After that, when I really got to know him and saw how miserable he was, I realized that no matter what happened, he would always be a part of my life to some extent.

When Solo first arrived at the location that would eventually become his permanent home, he was terrified and exceedingly reserved. Due to the fact that he had spent his whole life living on the streets and then moving from one residence to another, he was exceedingly wary around other people, and he did not seem to trust that this house would finally be his last residence.

Carol added:

“When he initially came to interact with me, he tucked his tail between his legs and remained silent for many months. He was quite unreactive to humans, dogs, and cats, yet he trembled every time someone tried to touch him. He was particularly unreactive to canines. I quickly learned that his hearing was far worse than his parental logic, as were his teeth. I also found out that his teeth were terrible.

Because Solo was becoming older and sicker, the rescue center and the people who followed him were unaware that he was essentially deaf and that his teeth were still in a very serious state of disrepair.

It was difficult for him to be enthusiastic about anything because his teeth were causing him so much pain, and because he was unable to hear people approaching him. He was also terrified of people and animals because he was unable to hear people approaching him.

His mother made the decision to postpone a minor operation that he was supposed to do so that Solo’s teeth could be repaired immediately, and as soon as they did, he became a completely different canine. Solo’s teeth were fixed immediately, and as soon as they were, he became a completely different canine.

At the moment, he enjoys running and playing wherever and everywhere, and he also enjoys making friends with other dogs that he encounters along the way.

He has a close buddy called Bailey who lives in the same apartment complex, and whenever he wants to hang out with him, he makes a beeline straight to Bailey’s place. He seems to have made peace with the fact that this is his life at the moment and that it will never change, as shown by the fact that he is far happier these days.

Carol expressed:

” People who live in the neighborhood are often making comments about how he does not look to be the same dog anymore. After what seemed like months during which he would not grin or even hardly opened his lips to even take a breath, he is now seen smiling, rolling, and running outside many times each day.

Carol, too, came up with strategies to help Solo cope with the stresses that were brought on by his deafness. At the moment, whenever they go outside, he wears a harness that proclaims he is deaf. This is done so that others won’t touch him without first being asked. She never enters a room without first switching the lights on and off; this ensures that he is aware of her presence and that he will not lose his mind if she comes up behind him.

Even though he has a number of health issues, he is determined to spend his golden years with his new mother and to make the most of each and every one of his remaining opportunities. Solo will be able to go about more easily as he gets older and will be able to take in even more senior dogs in the future if his mother moves into a new home that does not have stairs as they are now making plans to do so.

When Carol was done:

” His growth is something that fills me with immense pride. It is the finest thing I have ever done in my life, and as a result, it has motivated me to get even more elderly dogs who need hospice care.

By Anna

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