Scheana Shay and Brock Davies have reason to celebrate; congratulations are in order!

According to an exclusive report from People, the Vanderpump Rules stars sealed the knot on Tuesday in front of their immediate families and a few close friends at the Dreams Natura Resort & Spa in Cancun, Mexico.

“I just wanted us to have a good time with every person who is important to us,” Shay tells PEOPLE of their big day, noting how they were happy to “be able to get that time for a few days with all of our friends and family to celebrate us,” referring to their wedding. “I just wanted us to have a good time with every person who is important to us,” Shay says of their big day.

The reality stars were joined by a large number of their co-stars from the show Vanderpump Rules. These co-stars included Ariana Madix and Raquel Leviss, who were members of Shay’s bridal party, as well as Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz, who were two of Davies’ groomsmen. Tom Schwartz was also one of Davies’ groomsmen.

“They’re a major part of our lives,” Davies adds of the Bravolebrity visitors, who also included former cast members including Jax Taylor, Brittany Cartwright, and Kristen Doute. “They’re a significant part of our life,” Davies says of the guests.

The couple announced their engagement in July 2021 and have said that they want to have a summer wedding that is “uncomplicated” and “worry free.” In April of 2021, when they had their first child, a daughter named Summer Moon, they were aware that they already have the ideal flower girl in reserve.

Shay confesses that they put a lot of work into training Summer to toss the petals as she walked and that they did a lot of practice with her, but she says that she always knew “she would be lovely no matter what.” Davies explains that she cherished the time she spent “being around all of her aunties and relatives.”

The ability of the venue to occupy and amuse their youngster was another important factor in the decision-making process. According to Shay, before settling on a place for her wedding, she saw four different venues with her wedding coordinator.

She notes that the Dreams Natura Resort & Spa offered everything that she needed, including a glass platform that looked out over the pool, a lazy river, and a small waterpark. “It was kid- and pet-friendly, and it simply seemed like the thing to do. We wanted something that was healthy for her but yet entertaining for our visitors at the same time.”

The couple’s wedding was attended by friends and family from all over the globe, including some of Davies’ relatives who traveled all the way from Australia to be there. “I just wanted as many of Brock’s family and friends to be able to be here because, while this is the second marriage for us both, this is his first wedding,” Shay explains. “I just wanted to make sure that everyone was able to make it.” “It was just incredibly essential to me to make this as memorable for him and his family as I could possibly make it,” I told him.

Davies, who is thrilled to spend the day with his two sisters Nicole and Eleana, chimes in as follows: “It’s all about being able to share this moment with our closest friends and family,” she said.

Shay is overjoyed and exclaims that it is “so amazing” that a large number of people went on vacation with them. “I get the impression that it is a modest wedding in terms of size, but a significant one in terms of the location. I long for this one-of-a-kind instant. Brock has earned this punishment. This is our just desserts.”

In season 3 of Vanderpump Rules, it was revealed that Shay’s first wedding was an extravagant affair, so when it came time for her second wedding, she wanted to keep things more low-key. She entrusted the majority of the event’s coordination to wedding planner Shelby Marie of Simply Classic Events, and she kept the atmosphere centered on “neutral tones.”

Shay reflects, “I’m really grateful that I have an incredible planner since she’s made this process a lot simpler for me.” “I shared my dream with her, and she assured me that she would turn it into a reality.”

This understated approach was carried over into Shay’s dress, which was designed by Pol’ Atteu from the Amazon Prime Video reality series Gown and Out in Beverly Hills. Pol’ Atteu created the garment just for Shay.

“I love that we have created this from start together and the lace is just gorgeous,” she adds of the gown, which came complete with an overskirt that could be removed for the reception. “I love that we have designed this from scratch together and the lace is really lovely.” During this time, Davies was wearing an all-white Art Lewin custom tailored suit, which he described as being his “very first” outfit of this kind.

Cortney van Olphen, Shay’s sister, was given the responsibility of serving as the Maid of Pleasure, while Davies’ lifelong closest friend Charlie Jones was given the honor of being the Best Man. The bride’s attendants wore dusty pink skirts designed by Pia Gladys Perey, while the groom’s party members wore tan slacks and white shirts designed by Fashion Nova Men. The wedding party looked absolutely stunning.

When one of my groomsmen inquired about purchasing suits, I responded by saying, “Lad, we’re being married in Cancun; you don’t want suits.” Davies remarking while laughing.

James Kennedy, who also stars on Vanderpump Rules, created a unique mix of Israel Kamakawiwole’s rendition of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” for Shay to walk down the aisle to. Natural Flowers Events was responsible for decorating the poolside wedding with stunning floral arrangements.

After that, everyone will go up to the roof for a cocktail hour, where they may choose from a broad variety of alcoholic beverages and food. During the reception, guests will have the opportunity to choose between a “surf-and-turf” meal consisting of steak and salmon or a vegan lasagna as an alternative dish.

The couple decided to allocate their money to the components of the evening that they believed would be more memorable for their guests rather than spending a lot of time and effort on the wedding cake. Regarding the carrot cake, Davies remarks that “it’s more for aesthetics than for eating since no one eats the cake,” while Shay chimes in to say that the cake is “only for cutting.”

Because, as Shay puts it, “the words of Beyond” by Leon Bridges “are incredibly near to both of our hearts,” the song will serve as the background music for the newlyweds’ first dance. They had initially planned for their Vanderpump Rules co-band, star’s Tom Sandoval & The Most Extras, to play at the reception; but, because of the tricky logistics involved, they ultimately decided to hire a DJ instead. PyroCaribe will also be providing a fireworks show for the attendees to enjoy throughout their time at the event.

An after party will be held in a cenote located on the premises later on, extending the night’s opportunities for enjoyment. As the evening draws to a close, Shay will change into a short dress purchased from Casablanca Bridal in Newport Beach, California. Guests will then have tacos and further dancing, with Kennedy providing assistance as the night’s DJ. “Taco Tuesday!” is what Shay reminds everyone every week.

The couple does not have any immediate arrangements for a honeymoon, but Davies manages to take his new bride by surprise by announcing that they would be going on an unexpected vacation in the near future. “Consider the azure seas; reservations have been made.”

Shay is delighted for them to develop as parents now that they are married, and Davies is pleased to reinforce their relationship for any skeptics online — or on their TV program — because of the fact that they are now married. But above all else, they are content to enjoy “an incredible time with nice people” on their big day. This is what they value the most.

As Shay points out, “Simply being able to have our incredible family and friends here is all that we need. All that matters is just enjoying being in the present with one other.”

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