It’s a fantastic… and intriguing… job to have a sibling who’s older than you. You are the one who gets to do everything first, your parents conduct some of their experiments on you, and you are regarded with a little bit more responsibility than your other siblings are! On the other hand, the benefits, taken as a whole, more than compensate for the drawbacks. When an older sibling first gets to know their younger sibling for the first time, it’s one of the most heartwarming and cute moments of being a big brother or sister.

When something like this takes place, most children are still fairly young and don’t really remember it. If you are less than 4 or 5 years old, you probably won’t remember the first time you met your brother or sister. However, if you are older than 5 years old, you probably will. Things are different now though because of footage captured on smart phones. These priceless and life-altering moments are possible to be caught in high definition on a camera.

For one little kid, the experience of seeing his newborn sister was adorable to the point that it became viral on YouTube. The father in this scenario, Gavin Clark, decided to video his son interacting with his newborn daughter, and the resulting footage will melt your heart.

The opening shot shows Gavin moving along the hospital corridor with his infant waddling ahead of him. Gavin is carrying his son.

You get a good look at the youngster, allowing you to get a good sense of how delighted he is. As they make their way into the proper room, it is at last time for everyone to greet the new little bundle of joy. A startled utterance can be heard from the mother as she takes the present that the little boy has brought for his baby sister.

After he has given his mother the stuffed pink bear, it is time for her to be introduced.

The infant girl is wrapped in a lavender blanket and cradled in her mother’s arms while she sleeps soundly. The child gets up on the bed, and his mother gives him instructions on how to give his sister a soft kiss on the top of her head. He then proceeds to place one right on her forehead with a “SMOOCH.”

Holding the newborn for the first time has finally arrived.

When he is holding his sister, the young man practically gives off the impression that he is in a daze! He seems to be completely overcome with emotion, as seen by the widening of his eyes. While he maintains his grip on her, his grandmother waits nearby with her arms out in case she is needed to provide further support.

The boy’s grin quickly spreads over his face after he is given a few kisses on the baby’s nose.

Because of how endearing the situation is, you can’t help but let out a “awww.” He treats the newborn with tenderness and caution since he is well aware that the infant in his arms is a priceless treasure. Since the day that his parents informed him about the “bump” that his sister had, he has undoubtedly been eagerly awaiting the opportunity to finally see her.

And just to give you one more reason to feel all the feels, we get a glimpse of the two of them dozing out together.

The two children nod off to sleep on the hospital bed as their parents watch in amazement from the room next door. When you’re a parent, all you want is for your children to get along and for you to love them deeply. This is the foundation upon which a happy family built on true love may be built. You can tell by looking at him that the little guy is going to grow up to be an amazing big brother.

By Elen

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