Enrique Iglesias, a Latin singing sensation, and Anna Kournikova, a former professional tennis player, have managed to keep their relationship mostly under wraps, with rare public appearances together and only occasional updates on family life via social media. Despite being in a relationship for 21 years, they have been able to keep their relationship mostly under wraps.

On the filming of Enrique Iglesias’ music video for “Escape” in 2001, the two actors first crossed paths, which led to allegations that they were dating due to the sensual moments in which they appeared together. This turned out to be the truth, and at first, it caused a frenzy in the media due to the fact that both of them were stars in their respective areas in their own right.

The 8th of May, 1975 saw Iglesias being born in Madrid, Spain. Julio’s father, Julio, was already a renowned performer in his own right. His mother, Isabel Preysler, came from the Philippines and worked as a journalist there. Iglesias was moved to pursue a profession in singing and launched his career with the publication of a first album in Spanish language in the year 1995. The album was self-titled. After this, in 1997, he would release “Vivir,” and then in 1998, he would release “Cosas Del Amor.” In 1999, he was able to attain crossover success with the song “Bailamos,” which was included on the soundtrack for the film “Wild Wild West” and went on to become the number one single in the United States. Following the release of his first album in the English language, “Enrique,” he proceeded to release his second album, “Escape,” which would go on to become the most commercially successful record of his career. This cemented his position as a Latin phenomenon, allowing him to perform events that were completely sold out and record songs with the most prominent names in the business.

The media was eager to acquire a picture of Iglesias and Kournikova together since he was at the pinnacle of his career when he began dating Kournikova, and she was also still playing tennis professionally at the time. Continue reading to learn the reason for their love as well as how they were able to maintain their relationship a secret despite the fact that they never married one other.

When Enrique Iglesias contacted Anna Kournikova about starring in one of his music videos, Kournikova was already well-known as the rising star of the women’s professional tennis circuit. She started her athletic career when she was 8 years old, competing in local events after she was born on June 7th, 1981 in Moscow, Russia. Her natural ability drew the attention of tennis scouts, and when she was 10 years old, she was whisked away to Florida to train at Nick Bollettieri’s renowned school.

At the age of 14, Kournikova made her first appearance on the WTA circuit in 1995. Two years later, in 1996, she was awarded the title of WTA Newcomer of the Year. At the conclusion of the season, she held the 57th position in the global rankings. In 1998, she broke into the top 20 before achieving a career-high position of No. 8 in 2000. This placement was made even more astounding by the fact that she had never won a singles championship prior to reaching this point in her career. In spite of this, she continued to suffer injuries throughout the 2000s, and in 2003, she stated that she would no longer compete professionally in her sport.

Kournikova was in great demand in areas other than the sporting world. She has become one of the richest women in athletics because to the endorsements she has received from companies such as Adidas, Omega, Yonex, and Berlei. As a result of her great visibility, she was also the athlete that received the most searches on Google in the year 2008. Because of her stunning appearance, she was featured on the cover of a number of prestigious publications, such as Sports Illustrated, Maxim, FHM, and GQ, as well as the edition of Forbes magazine dated March 2000, which had the title “The New Stars of Money” on its front page.

It is astonishing that Iglesias and Kournikova, who were just 26 and 20, respectively, when they met, have been able to survive what would be considered a lifetime in the entertainment world. With such renown and success, it is unexpected that Iglesias and Kournikova met. But last they have, and in 2017, they received their first bundles of joy, fraternal twins Nicholas and Lucy, before Mary, who was born in 2020, joined them. Mary is the youngest of the three children.

Iglesias is regularly harassed about his and Kournikova’s marital status, despite the fact that they are one of the famous couples with the highest level of stability. Iglesias “never really believed marriage would make a difference,” he told Parade, adding that “now, it’s not taboo to have kids and not be married. ” The couple has never been married because Iglesias “never really thought marriage would make a difference.” The fact that you are a decent parent is the only thing that really matters in this context.

Kournikova, on the other hand, said in an interview with People in 2008 that getting married is not one of her priorities. She repeated to Women’s Health in 2020 that being married “isn’t important to me,” and then she went on to say, “I’m never going to get married.” Because I’m in a healthy relationship, nothing else really matters to me… I have faith in making a commitment. I believe in being open and honest with one another, as well as trusting and respecting one another without reservation.

Iglesias has not been coy about the fact that he enjoys playing the role of father; in fact, he told Entertainment Tonight that he is a very involved parent. Even though I’m not getting much rest, I’m having a wonderful time! “I mean, there’s not a thing in the world that could persuade me to go back,” he stated. After being asked whether he was changing baby diapers, he said, “Actually, I am.” I like to get my hands dirty.”

He also revealed some heartwarming tales about his children with SiriusXM, revealing that they had viewed the music video for “Escape,” which was the catalyst for the reconciliation of their mother and father.

“It’s very wonderful that once they hear one of my songs, they can truly identify my voice. This happens every time.” But I believe that once they view the film, it throws them off a little bit more than they were already off. You know, “with Dad,” you know: “What is Mom doing there?” “How long ago was this?” Seeing the look on both of their faces at the same time is really very remarkable. It’s a fairly neat thing to do.”

Even though these two sweethearts may not be getting married anytime soon, they are growing more outgoing about sharing events with their supportive family through internet platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

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