What an incredible example of a bold and caring guy! What a wonderful human being and I hope that he and all of his cherished animals are kept safe.

Andrea Cisternino has spent the last 13 years living in Ukraine, not too far from the capital city of Kyiv, where he established his own animal sanctuary that has won several accolades. Cisternino was born in Italy and worked as a fashion photographer there before marrying a Ukrainian woman. He assures us that they hope they won’t be forced to give up any of the 450 animals that they have saved up to this point and are now housing at his shelter.

Within this area lies the Italia JK2 sanctuary, which is home to more than 450 animals of different species, including horses, chickens, and other fowl. Andrea Cisternino, the creator of the animal refuge, [shocked] the world with his determination to remain by their side in order to protect them. He did this in order to ensure their safety.

According to Andrea, at the moment I need to consider how to save a sanctuary, and because there are more than 450 visitors to the sanctuary who are deserving of being safeguarded at all costs, I will do that.

In spite of the fact that continuing to reside in the area poses a significant threat to the animals, Andrea is so committed to ensuring their safety that he is unable to fathom the idea of giving up on them.

The sanctuary includes centers that are “20 thousand square” meters in size and are segregated into numerous areas: one for dogs and cats; another for grazing cows and horses; and yet another for poultry coops, warehouses, restaurants, stables, and lastly a veterinarian clinic.

You are a guy of tremendous compassion and kindness to remain with your cherished pets. You have an extremely kind and generous heart! It is a very courageous decision, but one that was made out of love.

By Anna

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