Kimberly Paisley, an actress, and country music musician Brad share a love story that is both amusing and lovely. They have two children together, and via the free referral grocery store that they run called The Store, they aid those who are struggling with food insecurity. At the same time, they educate their children on the significance of equality and the value of lending a helping hand.

Kimberly Paisley was an actress from New York who did not know much about country music or singers when she married Brad Paisley. At the time, Brad Paisley was an up-and-coming country singer from Nashville who did not know much about life in Hollywood. Kimberly Paisley was also from New York and did not know much about country music and singers.

Unexpectedly, however, their occupations were the catalyst that brought them together and provided them with an intriguing love story. Kimberly made her first appearance in front of Brad’s eyes in the movie “Father of the Bride.”

The country singer and his then-girlfriend went to see the movie on their first date, and when the world found the up-and-coming actress Kimberly in the movie, he believed that she seemed like a good person to speak to and that she should be in the movie.

When the sequel to “Father of the Bride” was released, Brad was 23 years old, unattached, and in a lot of pain since his ex-girlfriend had chosen to be with his best buddy instead of him.

Therefore, Brad decided to see “Father of the Bride 2” all by himself, and Kimberly was able to win him over once again. The singer expressed her thoughts on the subject by saying, “I thought, She seems like a terrific person – clever and humorous and all those qualities that are so hard to find.”

After another five years, Brad was a major star in the country music industry. The Academy of Country Music even awarded him the best singer of the year, but he was still unattached at the time.

The artist had recently put out his new album, titled Part 2, which had a number of songs about his ex-girlfriend, including one song about going to watch “Father of the Bride.”

Therefore, when Brad was searching for ideas for a music video for the song “I am going to miss her,” he instantly thought of Kimberly, the girl who appeared in the film.

Brad did not squander any time; he immediately called Kimberly and requested her to participate in his project. As a result of that one phone contact, the two of them now communicate almost every day.

After hearing that Brad was going to be in Los Angeles, Kimberly didn’t waste any time inviting him to dinner; she simply stated, “I’d love to meet you.” “He was the epitome of a well-mannered Southern gentleman. I could feel my patience ebbing away.”

From the very beginning of their relationship, Brad made a promise to himself that he would not let Kimberly go because he pretended to be someone that he is not. As a result, the singer concentrated on winning Kimberly over with his genuine sense of humor.

After dating for a few months, Brad decided to pop the question to the woman he had had a crush on for a very long time near the pier in Venice Beach, California, directly in front of the public restrooms. After shrugging it off with laughter, the pair finally tied the wedding nine months later.

What Kimberley would consider being love at first sight, Brad might consider being stalker behavior. The actress made a joke about how her relationship with Brad might have ended in a marriage or in prison, but she went ahead and got married to him anyhow.

Brad and Kimberly’s first child, a boy named William Huckleberry Paisley, was born in February of 2007, only a few years after the couple tied the knot, and their second son, Jasper, arrived in 2009.

The years have not done anything except strengthen Brad and Kimberly’s marriage to one. Even throughout the difficult period of COVID, both artists maintained a presence at home for an extended period of time.

Brad said that the time spent in quarantine with his family made him realize how much he values the time he gets to spend with his wife, which is something he does not get to do very often since he travels so often.

Above all else, the fact that they have spent another year together is the single most important factor in why they are still together. Brad showed his gratitude for his wife and stated the following:

It’s incredible to witness you give birth to two children and then raise a third while still managing to keep our home afloat.

He likes the fact that she gave birth to their two sons and is willing to raise a third; Brad playfully added himself to the list. Brad enjoys the fact that she always strives to do the right thing for his family, and he loves the fact that she is the one who gave birth to their sons.

The “Gigantic heart” that Brad has is what Kimberly says has kept her firmly attached to him. The actress said that her hubby has compassion for all living things and people.

She also told a tale about the time it poured so heavily in Nashville that their home was flooded on the exterior, but Brad got up at 2:00 in the morning to check on the safety of the geese eggs that were being kept in their garden.

Kimberly was moved by the lengths that Brad would go to in order to care for a person or object, despite the fact that the eggs did not make it through the ordeal.

The Paisley family has always placed a high value on comedy, and it all started with their hilarious engagement story. Even Brad said that the only reason Kimberly gave him another chance was due to the fact that he was able to make her laugh.

There were several reasons why the country singer’s wife decided to marry him, but one of the most crucial was the way he did things in an old-fashioned manner. When Brad was asked about his views on marriage, he said, “When you’re old-fashioned like I am, you realize that marriage is forever.”

Brad and Kimberly are committed to working on their marriage and ensuring that their relationship continues to have the same spark. They have just completed 19 years of marriage, and over that time, they have taught a great deal more to one another.

Because Brad and Kimberly are such kind people, right before the pandemic struck, they decided to create a store in Nashville called The Store.

People who have limited access to food supplies may get assistance with their health and legal issues at The Shop, which is a free referral grocery store. They also provide free music therapy for anybody who is struggling to cope with the stress of not having enough food to eat.

The objective of the store was to prevent individuals from receiving handouts and to give them the dignity of choosing what food to buy for their families.

Kimberly also noted that it was essential for their children to learn about the challenges of hunger in other parts of the globe and that they should be taught that everyone is the same and has the right to nourishing food. The actress remarked about it;

“It was a game-changer for us to bring the kids in and let them witness that, to let them normalize it, and to allow them kind of erase the edges so that there is no difference between you and me. We may consider ourselves to be members of the same community.”

Kimberly and Brad would want to extend their gratitude to the community for their assistance in making it possible for The Store to be of assistance to so many families in the Nashville area.

Since The Store first opened its doors, they have had over 350 volunteers and have given out over 1.3 million meals without charge to members of the local community.

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