When a lady went outdoors, she came upon a little dog that was laying in a garbage in a hopeless position. He was all by himself, and he was really terrified, ill, and famished. The lady speculated that someone had deserted him and left him to fend for himself when she heard his cries for help. After assessing the gravity of his predicament, the kind lady drove him to a veterinary clinic, where he was given the appropriate level of medical attention and care.

The veterinarians who examined him estimated that he was just around two months old at the most. As a consequence of living in such deplorable conditions, his eyes were infected, and his body was crawling with fleas. Because he was suffering from diarrhea, he was so weak that he was unable to walk normally. They swiftly washed his body and provided him with the most effective medicine along with tender care.

The puppy continued to be terrified of humans and did not place any confidence in any of the staff members throughout its first several days at the clinic. However, it seems that with the staff’s assistance, care, and affection, he came to the realization that he was in excellent hands. He made his way back to mankind and eventually developed into a robust and content canine. After he had recovered sufficiently to be transported, he went to his new foster home as soon as he was able.

His temporary care will be provided by his foster mother until he is placed in a family of his own. After all that has place in the past, he is now enjoying a happy life and is looking for an owner that is just right for him. We have high hopes that he will be adopted into a wonderful family where he will get the love and attention he deserves. And it goes without saying that they will never, under any circumstances, give up on him.

I am so grateful to you for assisting me and taking such good care of this sweet and lovely dog. I hope that he is blessed with all the happiness, success, and love that he deserves, and that he is able to spend many happy years in a wonderful forever home filled with love and pleasure. May God bless you and everyone else that helped!

By Elen

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