Alex is a lovable canine that is making the most of his life with his human family in their warm and welcoming home. When one looked at his cheerful countenance, they would never guess that he had had a difficult life in the past. He was once a destitute puppy that was left behind in a cardboard box in a dump that was located close to a forest. Someone abandoned him here without providing him with any sustenance or drink. He had not eaten in a number of days, which led to his being emaciated and unwell. He was unable to move and seemed to be leaving his life up to chance.

To our great relief, rescue workers from PAWS NATION located him in the nick of time and were able to save him. He did not show any signs of discomfort when he was touched by the people who came to his rescue. It was obvious that he was terrified and had completely lost confidence in human beings. Everyone was aware that all that was required of him was love and attention. They made an effort to soothe him and then transported him to their shelter, where he received the appropriate medical attention and care he required.

Alex began to feel better and was able to start opening his heart to everyone after he was rescued because of all the love and care that was shown to him. He rapidly adjusted to his new surroundings and became robust enough to take advantage of the second chance in life that he earned. After all that has transpired in the past with him, it brings us great joy to learn that he is now living a wonderful life with wonderful owners.

Many, many thanks for your assistance in rescuing and assisting this lovely puppy. I hope that he has a long and healthy life filled with pleasure and love in his wonderful permanent home and that he lives to a ripe old age. May the Lord always bless this good dog and all that came to his aid to save him. Whoever discarded him carelessly like garbage, we wish nothing but the worst for you.

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By Elen

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