One of the worst heartaches a person may experience is the death of their mother. You are not the only living being that is capable of feeling the agony that you are in. Our animal buddies are able to comprehend the anguish of having to live without their doting mothers. And the two adorable kitties in today’s article are certainly not an exception. They overcome the suffering, however, with the help of love and care, and are now enjoying the greatest life they possibly can with amazing people.

We’d like to introduce you to Goldy and Tigress, two adorable tiny kittens whose mothers have abandoned them. They were forced to fend for themselves on the streets since their moms were unable to care for them. They were miserable and seemed to be giving up control of their lives to chance. They were fortunate that a good-hearted guy called Mudassar Mirza came to their rescue in the nick of time and provided them with the opportunity to start a new life.

The kittens were despondent and saddened, but as a result of the love and care that they received from wonderful people, they began to enjoy life once again. We are overjoyed to learn that they have found one other and are able to have a happy life together. Because of the overwhelming affection they feel for their human parents, they never leave their side. They can’t get enough of sitting on their laps and snuggling up to them in close quarters.

Even though Mirza adores the kittens, he is well aware that they are in need of a permanent home with responsible parents. Because of this, he is using all of his efforts to locate a new residence for them. He has high hopes that they will be adopted by a wonderful family that will provide them with the joyful life that they so justly deserve. And naturally, they will continue to live with him until such time as he locates the ideal family for each of them.

Watch the video of the kittens figuring out how to be happy without their mother by clicking on the following link:

Both Goldy and Tigress are stunningly gorgeous and adorable kittens. The happiness of both of them is contributed to by their friendship. I am grateful that you were able to save the two people and bring back their joy. All of you should be blessed!

By Elen

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