A young guy who discovered an injured kitten hiding within the yard of a home quickly placed a call to DAR Animal Rescue for assistance after making the discovery. When Ermioni, the founder of DAR Animal Rescue, and her friends got the emergency call, they immediately hurried to the backyard to save the helpless kitten. They were ultimately successful in locating the kitten’s hiding spot with the assistance of the guy, which was full of spiders and old items.

Ermioni had a difficult time capturing the kitten since she avoided people and hid in old objects, making it more difficult for her to be found. She would go closer to the kitten and try to grab her, but the kitten would always get away from her. Ermioni did not give up even though she was in a challenging circumstance. She was well aware that in order to rescue the kitten, she would have to exhaust all of the options available to her. Her efforts were eventually rewarded with success. She was able to capture the kitten and place her in the enclosure without incident.

They finally managed to quiet the cat down before taking her to the veterinarian for a checkup. However, the veterinarians needed to evaluate her health right away despite the fact that she was really stressed out and exhausted. Because her body was riddled with wounds and punctures, the veterinarians scrubbed her and performed X-rays on her. The examination revealed that she had a fractured spine that was brought on by dog teeth. Antibiotics, painkillers, and anything else that could be done to make her more comfortable were administered by the veterinarians.

They checked on her and administered any and all necessary medical care before allowing her to go to sleep. Everyone could only keep their fingers crossed, but sadly, her odds were not very good. They refused to give up on her despite the fact that she was in such a precarious situation. They continued their efforts and put out all effort they could to assist her. Unfortunately, the adorable kitty’s injuries were simply too severe for her to recover, and she died away three days later.

She was unable to change the course of her life, but she was able to do it in a dignified manner rather than passing away in a filthy barn, all by herself, and terrified. During the last moments of her life, she was showered with love and care from wonderful individuals. We pray that she may be able to have a more fulfilling existence in the next world. Rest in peace! I am grateful that you were able to save her and look after her till the time when she passed away.

By Elen

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