When a girl two years old went missing in South Bristol, New York, the local law enforcement authorities were aware that they were working against a significant amount of time to locate her.

It is one thing for youngsters to go missing during the day, but as night falls and the temperature lowers, the situation becomes much more precarious for them.

The guy in command of the search group was a New York State Trooper by the name of Brian Hotchkiss, and he was fully aware of how serious the situation was.

“The situation with these missing children might become a lot worse. Because it is time-sensitive and depends on the season, even though it was a wonderful day, the temperature was falling,” Brian added.

He and the other members of the search team spent some time going door to door across the area, but no one seemed to have any information on the location of the little girl.

As the sun began to set, Brian made the choice to start ascending the mountain that was just half an hour away from the house where the girl lived.

It took Brian half an hour to make it to the peak of the mountain, and by that time he was completely out of breath. At first, all that was visible to him were the various shades of green and brown that the trees had.

However, at that moment, he saw a lone pink dot out in the distance.

The speck of pink remained in the same place on the rock adjacent to the stream the whole time. While Brian was in the process of running over, his heart suddenly sank. He kept his fingers crossed that the youngster was still alive.

“I followed the stream until I found the kid; she was laying on her stomach on a rock. I raced over as quickly as I could, and when I saw her arm twitch, I realized that she was still alive, and my heart sank. He recalled, “I was so happy that I raced up to her and she instantly hugged me, and she wouldn’t let go of my hand.”

It was very evident that the little child was overjoyed to have been located. She clutched on Brian like it was the only thing that could save her, which, to some extent, it did.

If Brian hadn’t opted to lead his search group up the mountain, the events that transpired would have taken an entirely different turn.

When Brian reached the girl, she was shivering, so another officer put her in his uniform to warm her up.

After that, an ambulance took her away to check on her condition and make sure she was alright. She was allowed to return home after receiving the green light from the medical staff at the hospital, thank goodness.

After all that had happened earlier, Brian was left to ruminate on the dramatic events of that day.

“Even now, when I try to put it out of my mind, the image of her rolling over, staring at me, and then flinging her hands into the air keeps popping back into my brain. “That is something that won’t leave my mind,” he remarked.

People flocked to the comments section on YouTube to laud Brian’s fast thinking after hearing about the tale of the young girl’s rescue, which was covered by news sites all across the United States.

Someone addressed the speaker as “sir,” thanked them for their service, and cautioned them to be cautious while they were outside. We just cannot afford to be without you.”

One more voice chimed in, saying, “What a heartwarming circumstance… “You did a great job, Trooper!”

The New York State Troopers are lucky to have someone of Brian’s caliber on their team. You may judge for yourself by watching the interview down below!

By Anna

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