It is well knowledge that dogs are incredibly devoted companions and vigilant guardians, particularly in situations involving young children.

This is just one of many situations in which children have gone missing from their homes, only to be rescued with their loving pooches close by their sides as in the case shown above.

Due to the efforts of the child’s guardian German shepherd, a kid who had been lost for five years was located safe and sound.

It all began one day when police officers in Houston responded to a tip of a young youngster who was reportedly walking along railroad lines alone with his dog. The toddler was accompanied by the child’s dog.

Sgt. Ricardo Salas of the department made the discovery that the 5-year-old boy had Down syndrome after he was located around a half mile from his house.

In addition to this, he realized that Alejandro, the German shepherd, had been keeping watch over him to ensure that he remained secure.

“Witnesses have informed me that the dog was there with the little child at the time that he was discovered. According to a post that Sergeant Salas made on Twitter, “As the youngster and I went away, the dog followed us.” This dog served as both his guardian and his guardian angel.

We had the impression that the dog was aware that something was amiss. According to what he shared with the Houston Chronicle, “He was aware that the boy wasn’t allowed to be going out on his own, so he ended up following him.” “He was very guardian of the infant and would not take his gaze off of the youngster at any time.”

Even when the cops had ultimately come to assist him, Alejandro would not relax his vigilance and never let his small human to leave his sight.

“The dog was essentially following me everywhere I went. “It wasn’t barking, and it wasn’t intimidated,” Salas said, noting that when he placed the youngster in the vehicle, the dog “jumped into the driver’s seat with him.” Salas also stated that the dog did not show any signs of fear.

Shortly after receiving the first call, the police got the second contact and discovered that the youngster was Jose, a child who had been reported missing.

His mother, Jasmine Martinez, has said that she and her son Jose, who is 5 years old, had a sleep together, and when she woke up, she discovered that her son Jose had vanished.

To everyone’s relief, everything worked out well, and the child suffered just some minor scratches and bruises.

The family is grateful, but they are not surprised, that their loving dog came to Jose’s aid when he was in danger.

“Ever since the day we brought Alejandro home, he’s been a very overprotective dog, even though we received him when he was only a puppy. Samantha Muoz, Jose’s sister, told Click 2 Houston that she was not shocked when she heard that her brother had been walking with her brother the whole time.

To guarantee that anything like this may never happen again, Jasmine Martinez is already in the process of installing kid safety locks all over her home.

According to TSgt. Salas was struck by the “degree of devotion this dog had to this small child.” He also notes that it was vital that the dog was watching after the boy since the train lines are generally highly busy.

He thanked God for watching for the infant and added, “Thank you for looking out for this child.”

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