The dog was able to live out his last days content in the knowledge that there are, in fact, good people in the world.

After giving the best years of his life to a family that showed no gratitude, the fate of a German shepherd called Heart seemed to be doomed to end up in a situation where he would be completely abandoned and have more than his basic requirements met. However, his story serves as a reminder that hope is the last thing that can be lost, and that this dog’s grandpa made it over the rainbow with love in his heart.

The infant was abandoned in an old house with the intention that his lifestyle should eventually grow more suited to the environment there.

Thankfully, the goals of its former owners did not come to fruition, and the individuals from the animal rights organization Qua la Pampa, located in Bitonto, Bari (Italy), recognized to interfere.

Their heart was suffering from paralysis at the time she was being baptized with the assistance of her rescuer Gianna Serena Manfredi. She crawled down the stairs in quest of food at the time. During the night, the furry one would go back to the historical house as best he could, which is where they had left him earlier that day.

This young man has had a very difficult time navigating through those years. Once they had him in their possession, the volunteers immediately set about helping Heart restore his movement. Additionally, for a period of time, they made use of a wheelchair; nonetheless, the swelling in his foundation was when it was at its worst.

They knew there was nothing they could do to bring the dog back to health, but they knew there was something they could do to keep his heart beating, so they vowed to give him the happiest days possible in his remaining time with them. Before Heart passed away, the ladies wished for her to have the opportunity to have a true comprehension of the meaning of love from a personal perspective.

In addition to this, the Samaritan woman took it upon herself to provide him a calm and dignified passing as he was nearing the end of his life. Heart as he was seated in the wheelchair that he had used for some time.

Gianna made it possible for the puppy to get familiar with the ocean and lay on his bed so that he could feel the breeze that was the cleanest and most restorative. “And we most likely went to the ocean; it was lovely; the breeze caressed my ears; the waves pounded on the rocks; the sound of the ocean in the midst of the stillness of winter. It was so quiet, and I nearly slept off, forgetting all the agony of being abandoned by the one person who cared about me the least,” the employer said on Facebook. “It was almost as if I was able to forget the pain of being abandoned.”

When Heart first discovered the ocean, he was completely immobile on his hind legs; nevertheless, his caregivers supported him in gaining some experience in the salty water so that he could have a better feel for it. “(Forget) the pain of the injuries they begin to experience, the pain of not staying in a very position to run as a very tiny puppy that was while going for walks upon the rock,” she said. “(Forget) the pain of the injuries they begin to feel.” I was unable to make touch with the water, but the characters helped Maine go someplace else and wet my face. It was as fresh and fragrant as it had been when we were free,” he said.

The discomfort It is unfathomable that his heart would have stayed steadfast at any moment throughout his desertion. However, these angels made of flesh and blood tried all in their power to make him forget about them. The domestic dog lived out his last days filled with the joy of knowing there are also good humans on the planet. This knowledge brought him a great deal of contentment.

Gianna showed that love can heal anything, which is incredible in light of what Heart went through, which is unbelievable. You should tell your friends about this story so that they might learn that they, too, have the potential to become angels made of flesh and blood.

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