The United States euthanizes around 1.5 million animals in shelters each year for no other reason than the fact that the facilities are overcrowded and not enough people are willing to adopt the animals. In addition, rather than adopting animals from shelters, a lot of individuals choose to go out and purchase their own pets. Because of this, animal rescue groups often have to be inventive in order to assist abused and abandoned animals in finding permanent homes.

The Niagara SPCA, which is located in New York, has formed a partnership with the Just Pizza & Wing Co. franchise, which is located in Amherst, in an effort to attract more people’s attention and find adoptive homes for its animals.

Kimberly LaRussa, who works as an event organizer for the SPCA, and Mary Alloy, who owns Just Pizza & Wing, got together to discuss the many ways in which they might extend their assistance to dogs that are in need. They collaborated and came up with a fantastic concept that was both creative and excellent. They came to the conclusion that the best way to increase the visibility of dogs in need of homes was to post leaflets advertising their availability on pizza delivery boxes.

Customers who place an order for pizza will be given a particularly lovable treat as a thank you for contributing to a charitable organization at the same time as it will satisfy their hunger needs. And what about the most delicious part? A gift voucher for the amount of $50 will be given out to whomever adopts one of the puppies from the shelter that is highlighted on the fliers that are attached to the pizza box.

The campaign that broke people’s hearts and was a huge success almost immediately went viral. There were a great number of individuals in the neighborhood who were enthusiastic supporters of the concept and who loved everything about it. On the very first day after it was released, a puppy that was six months old and given the name Larry was adopted. The other animals captured the interest of a great number of prospective new owners as well. We have high hopes that they will have the same good fortune as Larry!

Since the article was posted online on Friday, there has been an overwhelming amount of interest and support from the local community as well as from farther afield. This has left Kimberly feeling overwhelmed. There are a lot of individuals who want to get a pizza only to get a snapshot of the dog at the shelter, and other pizza places have volunteered to put fliers on their boxes, and a lot of people are tagging their friends and family.

Both the homeless shelter and the pizza store received compliments for their inventiveness. Mary said that the pizza restaurant will keep working toward the goal “for as long as it takes” to find homes for all of the animals who were at the shelter. According to Kimberly, the list of animals available for adoption at Mary’s company will soon be expanded to include adoptable cats in the near future.

If you think this is a fantastic concept, don’t keep it to yourself; tell everyone you know about it! We have high hopes that this concept will be adopted by a large number of shelters and organizations in order to ensure that every animal finds a loving home.

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