Despite the fact that Serena Williams has never considered having more than one child, she wants to provide her daughter with at least one sibling. The professional tennis player has had to give up something that is fundamental to who she is in order to pursue her new dream.

In an article published in August 2022 in Vogue, Serena Williams revealed her startling decision to end her career as a professional tennis player. She admitted to the journal that the term “retirement” had never been one that she really liked since, in her view of the current world, it didn’t make sense.

Rather than refer to what she was doing as retirement, she chose to refer to it as an evolution. Serena disclosed that she was shifting her focus away from the sport that had given her a household name and toward other things that were important to her.

The athlete explained that a few years earlier, she had established a venture capital firm under the name Serena Ventures. Almost immediately after reaching that point in her career, the tennis player started a new chapter in her life by welcoming a daughter, Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr., into the world.

“I want to add more members to that family.”

Serena said that she had a difficult time accepting the fact, either to herself or to others, that she needed to give up playing tennis. She said that the subject was avoided as much as possible by her husband, Alexis Ohanian Sr. since it was considered to be inappropriate for them to talk about.

The celebrity said that she was unable to have the discussion with either her mother or her father. When it was brought up, the athlete would feel what she described as an “uncomfortable lump” in her throat, and she would begin weeping. She didn’t believe it was a genuine thing until it was said out.

Her therapist was the only one she’d discussed it with up until that point. Her father said that Serena had first taken up a tennis racket when she was just three years old, and Serena stated that her whole existence up until that moment had revolved around tennis.

On the other hand, the tennis pro thought she had picked one up earlier. She remembered a photograph of her sister, Venus Williams, carrying her in a baby stroller on a tennis court when Serena was no more than 18 months old at the time. Venus was Serena’s elder sister.

The professional tennis player said that if she had to pick between establishing her tennis career and starting a family, she would choose to have a family. As a result, the athlete’s aspirations for her life have shifted as a result. Something profound was sent to Serena by her kid, who would have been five years old in September of 2022.

Olympia was the one who grabbed her mother’s phone when they were driving in the vehicle while they were on their way to pick up the small girl’s passport for their vacation to Europe. The little girl’s favorite interactive educational program prompted her to answer the question of what she wanted to be when she grew up while she was in the midst of playing it. Serena wrote down her response.

“Even if she is unaware that I am listening, I can still hear the response that she is muttering into the phone. “I want to be a big sister,” she utters again.

According to the account provided by the youngster’s mother, Olympia pleaded her case often, even on occasions when she was aware that Serena was paying attention. Before the youngster went to bed each night, she would say a prayer asking for a younger sibling to be brought to her.

However, the tennis star made it clear that her daughter did not want to know anything about her parents having a baby boy. She said that her daughter did not want to hear anything about it. Because she was the youngest of five girls, Serena grasped this concept because her older sisters were her role models. She continued by saying:

“So it seems like I need to pay extra close attention to what you have to say right now.”

Serena emphasized that she had no desire to choose between having a family and being successful in tennis since she did not believe that doing so was fair. The tennis player said that if she had been a guy, she would not have been required to contribute to the Vogue story.

She was successful in matches even while her wife was doing the “physical work” of having more children. The celebrity said that if she had the chance, she would love to be Tom Brady, but that she enjoyed being a woman and savoring every moment of her pregnancy with her daughter more than anything else.

She said that she was one of those bothersome ladies who cherished the pregnant stage and continued to work up to the point when she had to check herself into the hospital. When Serena arrived at the hospital, things became more challenging, but she soon understood that she had come really close to doing the impossible.

She came clean about the fact that she was two months pregnant when she won the Australian Open in 2017. The celebrity said that she turned 41 in August 2022 and felt as if things needed to change after reaching that milestone.

Serena posted a photo of herself on the cover of Vogue in an Instagram post that she published during the same month. She also said that there came a point in life when different individuals needed to go in separate paths. She was aware of how hard it was to make a transition when the thing you were leaving behind was something you loved.

The athlete said that she had begun mentally preparing herself for the end of her career. She said that she wanted to concentrate on becoming a mother, finding a Serena who was just as exciting but unique, and achieving the spiritual objectives that she had set for herself.

In the piece that was published in Vogue, Serena said that throughout the early stages of her career, she never gave the idea of having children any consideration. She sometimes contemplated having children, but she was concerned about the challenges kids would encounter in the world. She only did this seldom.

The celebrity said that she had never felt at ease with children or infants, and she believed that if she did have a kid, other people would take care of the child at all times. Even though she had help with Olympia, Serena has always been very involved in her daughter’s life.

The mother’s daughter has never been apart from her for more than a day throughout all of the years that her daughter has been alive. Even though she was nursing an ailment to her hamstring, Serena still managed to pick up Olympia on four out of the five school days that were offered each week. The athlete added:

“When it comes to Olympia, I am not willing to make any sacrifices since I have nothing to lose. It everything simply makes sense.”

In the same way that her own mother had taught her to read, tie her shoes, and a great deal more, the professional tennis player intended to do the same for her daughter. Every month, Olympia was interested in something new, and as of late, she was watching cooking programs on television.

Serena said that she enjoyed the same activities that her daughter did, including playing the game “The Floor Is Lava,” in which they assumed the floor of the gymnasium was lava. In contrast, tennis seemed like a compromise that she had willingly made and liked.

She made note of the fact that her parents had encouraged her to participate in the sport, but she afterward advised them to let their children pursue whatever interests them. Nevertheless, she said that even when she was a youngster, she always chose to be obedient and put in the hard effort instead of acting defiantly.

The athlete said that she did not want to coerce Olympia into playing tennis but rather into anything else that piqued the attention of the little kid. Serena didn’t want to put too much pressure on her kid, saying that she was still trying to strike the proper balance.

According to the tennis star, she and her husband spent all of 2021 attempting to have another child. She related how their doctor had lately helped to reduce their anxiety by assuring them that they would be able to add a second child to their family whenever they felt they were ready; yet, Serena said:

“As an athlete, I absolutely do not want to become pregnant again under any circumstances. Either I’m going to give tennis my all or I’m going to give up.”

Despite the fact that Serena and Alexis wanted to have another child together, the beginning of their relationship was fraught with difficulties. During her appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” on April 26, 2018, the athlete described how they’d first connected with one another.

She said that when she was in Rome, Italy for a competition, she would often remain in her room to watch movies or engage in academic pursuits. Due to the amount of anxiety she had, the celebrity skipped breakfast during the whole of the event.

One morning, she made the decision to deviate from her routine; however, by the time she came downstairs, breakfast had already ended, so she sat somewhere else. A large, towering guy strolled in as she was seated there with her coach and her trainer in the unoccupied room.

Serena gave a funny description of the unknown person, calling them “frumpy but hard.” The guy chose to take a seat at the table next to Serena’s, and she and her coworkers attempted to get rid of him by making up a story that there was a rat in the area, but the encounter ultimately resulted in the pair being married!

In an interview with Vogue that took place in January 2018, Serena discussed the challenges she had during giving birth to her baby on September 1, 2017. The athlete’s heart rate dipped dangerously low during her contractions, and the celebrity had to have Olympia delivered through Caesarean section as a result. Prior to that point, the pregnancy went well.

When tiny Olympia was put on Serena’s chest, she immediately stopped wailing after the emergency operation was completed without any complications. The next day, Serena reported that she was having difficulty breathing, and the actress worried that she may be suffering from another pulmonary embolism.

Alexis cheerfully changed his daughter’s diapers, but he was in a difficult position since he was unable to assist his wife.

Serena suffered from the continual worry that she might develop a blood clot, and she strolled over to a nurse to discuss her problem with her while leaving her mother in the hospital room. The athlete indicated that she required a CT scan in addition to the blood thinner IV heparin that was administered to her.

The nurse feared that Serena’s pain medicine was making her disoriented, but the tennis star argued that this wasn’t the case. A physician responded to her request and conducted an ultrasound on the athlete’s legs; nevertheless, the results showed nothing abnormal. However, a CT scan revealed that the celebrity had blood clots in his lungs!

Serena had been successful in preventing her own loss! Unfortunately, the star’s C-section opened up because she coughed so much, and as a result, she needed to have another surgery.

After some time had passed, she had another surgery in order to have a filter inserted into one of her principal veins. This was done in order to stop any more clots from entering her lungs. When Serena finally got back to her house a week later, she found out that her night nurse hadn’t been fired.

Serena was unable to move from her bed for the first six weeks of her new role as a mother, but her husband continued to visit her. Alexis cheerfully changed his daughter’s diapers, but he was in a difficult position since he was unable to assist his wife.

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