After saving three teenagers and two younger children from an intense home fire in Indiana, a heroic 25-year-old man is being honored for his courage and is receiving accolades for his actions.

Nicholas “Nick” Bostic, who worked as a pizza delivery driver, was on the road at around 12:30 in the morning when he saw what seemed to be a little fire in front of a two-story home.

Nick came to a halt and placed his vehicle in reverse in order to gain a better view of what was going on. Because he did not have his phone with him at the moment, he attempted to get the attention of another car who was driving by, but he was unsuccessful.

The man who was acting as a Samaritan yelled for help before going into the house. Inside, there was no evidence of smoke, and all of the lights were on. It seemed as if the home had already been cleared out before our arrival.

Nick screamed even louder to determine whether or not anybody inside could hear him. Just as he was halfway up the steps, he saw four individuals coming down.

David and Tiera Barrett, the children’s parents, had departed for a night out on the town around half an hour earlier. When the parents of the family discovered that their home was on fire, their daughter, who was 18 at the time, roused the other children living there in order to get them out safely.

At that time, Nick made the decision to turn around and depart with them via the back door so that they could get away from the burning home.

According to what he said to ABC 7 Chicago, “I asked them if anyone was still in there, and that’s when they informed me that the 6-year-old was still in there.”

After telling everyone to wait outside, Nick hastened back inside to check, and he went straight to the second level when he got there. He moved from one room to the next, searching behind doors, beneath beds, in closets, and all around desks as he went.

He said that his answer was, “Anywhere I could think of.” “I mean, I was giving it 110% of my all,” she said. As the smoke became thicker, it became more difficult to see what was going on… I’m not sure how to explain it, but it felt like I accepted the fact that I was most likely going to pass away right then and there on that night. But there was an odd quiet there. You have no choice except to go to work as quickly as you can.

Nick is unaware of the length of time that he spent searching, although he said that it seemed like “forever.” After that, he heard what sounded like sobbing coming from the ground level of the building.

When he finally made it downstairs, he was unable to determine the origin of the voice, so he covered his mouth with his shirt, shut his eyes, and began to feel about in the dense smoke. Thankfully, he was able to find the girl.

Nick snatched the child into his arms and cradled her against his shoulder. Because of the gray-black smoke, he was unable to see the front or rear door, so he considered escaping the building by either of those entrances instead.

After then, he glanced upward and saw that there was some light. He recalled seeing a window in a bedroom on the second story and reasoned that this may be the only route out of the building.

Nick attempted to break the window by punching the glass, but his hand was returned to him. He gave it one more shot, and this time he was successful in shattering the window.

He was aware that they did not have a choice despite the fact that he was unable to see how long the drop was.

Nick took a running start and landed on his right side, causing him to injure his posterior, arm, and ankle. According to a press statement issued by the police, the guy did all in his power to cushion the blow for the little child, and his efforts paid off since the youngster “was luckily largely unhurt” as a result of the accident.

At around 12:36 a.m., Nick is seen on surveillance tape from that night escorting the girl to a law enforcement officer. He stated that he was short on oxygen and inquired as to the well-being of the infant.

The officer’s arm, which was severely injured and bleeding heavily, was secured with a tourniquet before he was transported to the Franciscan Health Hospital in Lafayette. After some time, he was moved to Eskenazi Hospital in Indianapolis.

Nick required medical attention for significant smoke inhalation as well as injuries to his arm that he sustained when he punched the glass. Since then, he has been allowed to go free.

Thank goodness, none of the people who lived in the house were seriously hurt when they escaped the burning building. The family pet, Buffy, was also saved by the emergency medical technicians who rushed to the site.

David and Tiera are very thankful to Nick and the rest of their community for preventing the deaths of their children.

According to what David said to the Purdue Exponent, “I actually told him he’s now part of our family.” “And he was completely in agreement with that. After we’ve found a house to call our own, we’re going to have him and his girlfriend over for supper as soon as we can.

The fire service has a theory that the blaze was sparked by ashes that were poured into a bucket on the porch before they had been totally extinguished.

On August 2, the Lafayette Aviators will pay tribute to the community’s most revered figure during their game versus the Chillicothe Paints. The proceeds from the sale of tickets with the discount code FUND2022 will be sent to a GoFundMe account established to assist Nick with his mounting medical costs and other financial obligations.

A second GoFundMe campaign was established by Nick’s cousin, Richard Stair, in addition to a Facebook fundraising that was also arranged for Nick.

“Like I keep saying, it’s not like I’m some celebrity hero,” Nick added. “I think you could say that I was at the right place at the right moment with the right person.”

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