A puppy that was only four weeks old was discovered weeping in the grass by itself. The dog had a cracked skull, which led it to experience great agony and swelling. She was only able to let out whimpers here and there.

The dog was overjoyed to be picked up because she realized that she was going to be sent somewhere where she could get some assistance. Unfortuitously, the only things she knew about her life were that she had been neglected and mistreated.

The vets brought the puppy, whose name is Nuan, to the clinic so that it could be treated. Her incision was bandaged, and she was given pain medication and intravenous fluids as soon as possible. Thankfully, the dog’s health began to improve, and the wound on his head started to get better.

Unfortunately, her legs were not responding, but the people who came to her aid were trying all they could to help her stand on her own.

Because Nuan is such a bold person, the people who rescued her anticipated that she would make a complete recovery. We are very relieved to hear that she is doing so much better and is now able to run and play like she should. As soon as she has finished her recovery, she will be able to go on to a permanent home.

By Elen

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