When Animal Aid Unlimited got a call saying that a dog called Buster who was paralyzed and in need of aid, their crew immediately hurried to the location to assist the unfortunate pup. His family cared for him and helped him stay warm by providing him with food and clothing. They reported that he was struck by a vehicle, and that the impact caused injury to his spine. His rear legs were paralyzed as a result of the lack of therapy and care that he received, and as a result, he was unable to stand or walk.

The group hurriedly brought him to the veterinarian so that he could be checked out. Because of his poor health, everyone speculated that he may suffer from permanent paralysis from this point on.

In spite of the injury to his spine, he was still able to feel some sensations in his leg. Despite the fact that there was little hope for his recovery, they continued to hold out hope for him. They did all in their power to cure him and get him back on his feet again.

In order to keep Buster’s muscles in good shape, the team began giving him physiotherapy. Unfortunately, even after three weeks, he was unable to stand on his leg and would pass out within a few seconds if he tried. Despite this, neither he nor his carers gave up trying to help him. The results of their labor were apparent in due time. They started to see traces of development here and there here and there.

Buster made a remarkable recovery and was able to walk again after undergoing treatment for a period of six weeks. After being castrated, he was all set to return home. As soon as he arrived back at his house, he was overjoyed to see his cherished relatives. Because of the circumstances around him, they did not see one other for the better part of two months. However, he has now recovered his health and is able to have a happy life with his family.

Buster, an elderly dog, is now able to move and enjoy life to the fullest extent possible, all because to the dedicated workers at Animal Aid Unlimited. You are wonderful individuals who are able to turn seemingly difficult situations into ones that are achievable. Maintain the excellent job that you’ve been doing. May the Lord be with everyone of you!

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By Elen

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