In Ukraine, where Russian soldiers have unlawfully invaded the territory of another country, there have been multiple casualties on both sides of the conflict.

Even while the loss of life among humans is a horrible tragedy in and of itself, a great number of animals have also been displaced, injured, and left behind entirely.

Jakub Kotowicz, a veterinarian from Poland, together with a few other volunteers, has decided that enough is enough and that they can no longer remain idly by while animals suffer unfairly. They have made this decision because they are unable to continue doing so.

Therefore, he prepared a rescue operation inside Ukraine, and the following events transpired as a result.

This is Jakub Kotowicz, a veteran who was only just hailed as a hero, yet he considers himself to be nothing more than a “helping hand.”

He was unable to stand by and do nothing when violence broke out, so he rushed to Ukraine to provide assistance to the animals that had been abandoned there.

On every trip, the vehicle is packed to its utmost capacity with animal cages as well as food and other supplies.

Jakub was aware of how challenging a long journey would be for them given that they had just recently emerged from a conflict.

The veterinarians don’t get much sleep. They are willing to give their lives in order to rescue those they care about.

Jakub had indicated that a lot of sick animals had to be euthanized since their conditions were just too severe for them to be rescued.

They were successful in removing the fragment of shrapnel that had been embedded in the dog’s skull.

In addition to this, the veterans provide much-required emotional support.

The emergence of the animals from the fighting area follows a pattern. Their eyes almost always exhibit a look of sorrow and terror.

Each of these animals exhibits significant signs of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Animal rescue organizations from Ireland, Denmark, and many other countries also participated in the fight to save the animals.

With all of the money, the disorganized group of vets and volunteers is buying cages, supplies, and other necessities such as a vehicle.

In addition, additional kennels are being built to hold the increasing number of animals who need to be rescued.

One of the animals that were rescued is a pygmy goat named Sasha who is originally from Lviv.

She is doing well and seems to be on the path to recovery despite the fact that she has infections in both of her legs.

Sasha will be kept as a companion animal by the ADA Foundation, which was founded by Jakub when he was just 17 years old and is dedicated to animal welfare.

Many individuals all around Europe took in these unlucky rescues as their own; some of them even found their way back to their relatives in Ukraine.

Some people have already reached the point where they can take the vacation they so well deserve.

By Anna

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