The Rudozem Street Dog Rescue in Bulgaria got a call about a stray that required immediate medical attention to save its life. The people who came to the puppy’s aid quickly saw that it suffered from acute malnutrition and was dangerously close to passing away. They couldn’t believe what they were seeing in front of them.

They got quite close to realizing that the dog was in a lot of discomforts over time.

The unfortunate kid would absolutely need immediate medical attention if she was to have any hope of surviving.

The dog’s previous existence as a stray had, in point of fact, taking a mental and physical toll on the canine.

She had a hard time being independent but she always gave it her best go.

Even if Khaleesi were to make it through that first night, she would still have a long journey ahead of her.

As soon as they had recovered some of their strength, they were able to give the Khaleesi her very first bath.

Because of all that she had gone through in her life, she was grateful for any kind of love and affection.

She slowly started exhibiting more indications of life as time went on.

They had to make many visits to the veterinarian, but Khaleesi was always eager to cooperate and was quite understanding.

Following the completion of all of her vaccines…

… Her broken leg was covered with an attractive cast that was applied to it.

It was obvious from the look on her face that she was beginning to feel much better.

The hair on her head started to return…

… And very quickly, her appetite was restored!

The brand-new and enhanced Khaleesi is shown here. I can confirm that it’s the same dog!

By Anna

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