At some point in their lives, both people and animals have a need for the company of a caring partner. They won’t object if a dependable buddy helps them out with the task if their parents aren’t around to do it themselves when they can’t.

Moo, the adorable floof who is a bicolor kitten, was taken in by an incredible family that fostered him. There, he had the opportunity to live in the love and care of a German shepherd called Tennyson. Moo is a charming little floof. Even though Moo wasn’t the only foster cat living in the home at the time, Tennyson, the older brother, continued to show a great deal of concern for him. And despite the common belief that cats and dogs are irreconcilable foes and that the population of the world can be roughly split into two camps—those who love cats and those who love dogs—this odd pair is still here to show that those people are completely mistaken.

It is common knowledge that learning how to use stairs is one of the first essential life skills that both people and the animals that live with them need to acquire. It is fortunate that the little Moo already had Tennyson there to assist him in accomplishing his goal of learning how to use the stairs. Their hilarious interaction was captured on video, and it has since garnered the affection of animal lovers all around the globe, especially those who like cats and dogs.

In the video, the adorable puppy started climbing fairly slowly at first, while tiny Moo jumped awkwardly after him. Eventually, the puppy reached the top. Tennyson was unable to tear his gaze away from his furry companion; so, whenever he moved more than a few feet away from the cat, he invariably turned around to check on it. When it became clear that baby Moo would not be able to keep up with Tennyson, the compassionate dog made the selfless decision to get the kitten to the top of the mountain on his own.

The only issue was that the poor dog was unable to lift Moo up by his neck, so he ended up grabbing Moo by the whole head instead. Tennyson was so keen to assist out his pal that he didn’t care that his owner had made it quite plain that he should let the cat to do the duties that were assigned to him. Tennyson was certain that he would not harm the small kitten, despite the fact that the circumstance was a little bit unpleasant.

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