Olivia Newton-John had a successful career in movies and music, but she felt that being a mother was her most important role. She gave up her successful business to raise her daughter on the 187-acre ranch she shared with her husband in Australia. There, they were known as “keepers of the forest” in addition to raising their daughter.

Olivia Newton-John, recipient of a Grammy Award, and Matt Lattanzi, a dancer in the 1980 rock ‘n’ roll musical Xanadu, were introduced to one another throughout the course of their careers. He filled in for the main guy while the cast and crew searched for the right person, and he and Newton-John became fast friends during that time.

Three months later, Lattanzi sent the artist a date request, and the couple continued to keep their relationship private for more than a year before making it public. They became close due to the fact that they shared a passion for living in the great outdoors, working out, playing tennis, and going skiing.

At first, Lattanzi was concerned that others would look down on them for having a 10-year age gap between them and other people. Newton-John was still of the opinion that he was an adult and that he managed himself as well as their relationship to the point where it was hardly visible.

At the very beginning of their relationship, Newton-John was also scared of marriage. This fear stemmed from the fact that she would often see other people’s relationships that had ended in divorce. On the other hand, because of how well things went with her relationship with Lattanzi, she chose to give marriage a go.

Six years after their first encounter, they were married in a small ceremony at their house. During the wedding, Lattanzi handed Newton-John a gold heart locket as a gift. In a later revelation, she stated:

“I’d had some misgivings about having a kid, but the thought of getting married made my stomach turn. I had never previously had the sensation that I was doing what should have been considered the natural thing to do.”

Newton-John became a mother a little more than a year after going down the aisle with Lattanzi and being married. She had all of a sudden been feeling strange cravings, such as a desire for avocados, despite the fact that she had previously detested them.

She distinctly recalls purchasing a pregnancy test kit for use at home and being overjoyed at the positive findings. She couldn’t contain her excitement at the idea of becoming a parent, and her husband’s reaction when she told him was exactly the same: he couldn’t contain his excitement too.

Lattanzi, who had been absent while paying a visit to relatives in Oregon, arrived home on the first flight, and the two of them celebrated over dinner at an exclusive restaurant.

In January of 1986, they became parents to a daughter whom they named Chloe Lattanzi. At age 40, the “Grease” actress discovered that being a mother brought her true pleasure. When her daughter was born, she had this to say about her:

“She is just stunning,” I said.

Lattanzi and Newton-John had been trying for a baby ever since they were married more than a year ago, so the arrival of Chloe came as a wonderful surprise and brought them much joy.

And although Newton-John enjoyed her time spent working in the world of pop music, being a mother changed her view on many aspects of life, and as a result, she made the decision that she wanted to devote the rest of her life to being a wife and mother.

She gave up creating music in order to focus on raising her beautiful kid and taking pleasure in her domestic life. She responded by saying, “I’m much too busy being a parent to Chloe.”

It seemed like things were going swimmingly for Newton-John and her comparatively small household. She was blessed with a husband whom she cherished and a daughter who offered her a great deal of happiness. The unfortunate news that the singer had breast cancer was delivered to her in 1992, and she got some surprising news as a result.

The news was a shock to both the singer and her husband, but they chose to take it in stride and go to Newton-187-acre John’s ranch in Australia, which she had acquired with her winnings from the movie-musical “Grease,” which had been released in 1978.

The eight individual lots that make up the French-style property may be found in New South Wales, not far from Byron Bay. A big kitchen with an eating area is included in the main home, along with three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

The fossil-like walls of the rustic interiors are covered with fragments of shells and stones collected from beaches in the area. The flooring is made of wood. The expansive property also has a guest suite that is comprised of four rooms and an additional bedroom that can be accessed from the side of the main home.

“The amazing panorama that can be seen from the farm is the very first thing that won my heart all those years ago.” She provided a description of the expansive and lovely property.

In addition, the house has an exterior that is terracotta colored, interiors that are rustic, and wraparound terraces. The vast estate is surrounded by a lush jungle that has a natural waterfall, two dams, a stream, and a big population of birds that “provide wonderful morning bird melodies.”

Additionally, it includes two streams and it is next to the Victoria Park Nature Reserve. Newton-John saw his life on the ranch as being a lot less complicated and more joyful. Her perspective was that it was a mixed blessing, with the positives of living in an atmosphere that was less materialistic and more people-oriented. She revealed that

The happiness that Newton-John and Lattanzi had as a result of bringing up their daughter on the farm was beyond everything that she could have hoped for. The natural and rustic setting was wonderful for those who loved the outdoors and brought out the best in them.

Newton-health John’s also improved as a result of her move to the farm, and her recovery from cancer was aided by the fact that her husband was there to provide constant care and support.

Their blissful existence didn’t last very long, however, which was a shame. As soon as they were married, everyone had the impression that they were an unusual pair. They were from very different parts of the globe, and despite the fact that they shared certain interests, they were also passionate about quite different topics.

Unfortunately, once the actress from “Two of a Kind” recovered from her partial mastectomy, the pair were acutely aware of the significant disparities between them. These differences were so profound that couples counseling was unable to improve the problem.

In 1995, their relationship had reached its lowest point, and they decided to end their marriage. Newton-marital John’s problems weren’t her only problem; she eventually went bankrupt as well.

Unfortunately, the actress received a second cancer diagnosis in 2013, but she chose to fight the disease in solitude. However, in 2018, she received a third diagnosis when she reported that cancer had spread to the base of her spine, which is known as metastasis.

Her daughter Chloe was there for her mother for the whole of her third episode of the disease. She said that despite the fact that they have always had a strong tie as mother and daughter, they became even closer to one another when they were confined together during the coronavirus outbreak.

In 2018, shortly after receiving the news that she had stage 4 cancer, Olivia Newton-John started selling her real estate property in order to funnel further funds into the Olivia Newton-John Cancer & Wellness Centre located inside the Austin Hospital in Melbourne.

Newton-John, who was 73 years old when she passed away, was remembered by many as a warrior. She passed away on August 8, 2022, at her ranch in Southern California. John Easterling, her husband of 14 years, and their daughter were the ones she left behind when she passed away.

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